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2020: The Year I Showed Up

February 14, 2020

Here is to this year! 2020! The year I stopped creating social media posts with what I thought people wanted to see. The year I stopped doing things that didn’t bring me absolute joy. The year that I stopped trying to create friendships with people whose end goal was self serving. The year that I stopped telling myself every reason why I couldn’t do something. The year I…

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Breast Implant Illness – What is it?

November 22, 2019
breast implant illness

I was laying in bed one night when I read about breast implant illness … who knew? … not me! I giggled at anyone who mentioned breast implants causing illness but then… I read and read and read. I sat up in bed and thought, “how could I have been so naive? How is this making so much sense?” Unfortunately, after all your tests, if you dare to…


Transitioning to Work at Home Girlboss

November 1, 2019

And so it was June 2014, I started the next chapter in my life… in that brain new, bright  Home Office. I was the GIRLBOSS finally. It was officially the first day of me going from my Corporate day job of 14 years to working from home.  As of today in 2018, 4 years have passed and I am officially working my  business full time, but boy was…


2019 Favorite Target Christmas Decor

October 30, 2019
target holiday decor

Hey! Guess what? I’m probably headed to Target today! What a surprise right? If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m scoping things out there weekly especially when I get wind that the bulls eye bin is being updated. Sorry, Not Sorry. I love Target, but a normal ritual for me is to surf their website before I even head into the store. This way, I can…


Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

October 16, 2019
farmhouse kitchen

I get asked quite a bit where I get the pieces in my kitchen, so I figured today I would touch base on a few staples that are in my kitchen almost every season. My kitchen is certainly not my dream kitchen. I dream of a white, farmhouse kitchen with a huge island. Who isn’t these days right? But for now, my goal is to make my area…

Social Media

The Secret to Staying Consistent on Social Media

August 11, 2019

We have talked about being active on social media with your direct sales business and staying consistent with your postings, and how important it is in order to be  successful. Success on social media is not about how many people follow you or how many “likes” you have. For many, being successful is all about engagement and click-throughs. For some it can be about sales or sponsoring.  Decide what…


3 Influencer Recruiting Tactics to Avoid

July 18, 2019

Believe it or not, aside from the abundance of information you can find online to help build your side hustle, whether that’s direct sales, or online influencer, there isn’t much to read about in regards to what NOT to do. Yes, I love the hundreds of lists I found when I first started in this industry of everything that I should do when I wanted to begin sharing…