Business Leadership

New Consultant Welcome Packets

April 19, 2018

Welcome packets and an amazing welcome to your direct sales family is super important when new consultants start their journey with you. It is important that your new consultant get off to great start and I find that when people feel like they are immediately part of a family, they become more engaged, more interactive, more willing to jump in head first and get their business move. Your…

Leadership Personal Development

Why “Letting Go” is the Most Important Skill for a Direct Sales Leader

April 19, 2018

As a Direct Sales Leader supporting your team members is a requirement of your business. After all, you have chosen to be a “leader” and leading by example and assisting your down line is expected by the company and by those that choose to be on your team. But often there is a fine line that has to be drawn when a team member continually asks for things…


Effective Leadership – How to Train Your Team Members that Aren’t Local

April 17, 2018

Effective Leadership of a team that isn’t local to you can be difficult but something that attracted me to this business was that these days we have this amazing thing called the internet. We are able to share our business with anyone, not only in our neighborhood but all across the world. Building a Scentsy team that is in Maine, California, Washington and every where in between while…

Business Leadership Personal Development

55 Direct Sales Life Lessons – What I Have Learned from my Business

March 20, 2018

During my 18 years in Direct Sales, I have learned a lot. I have learned about myself, about business, about other people and most probably learned the most about what is important. When people get started in this business, they focus on what they can’t do or how they don’t compare to others when really they need to learn about the path they are on. On my journey,…

Leadership Personal Development

Mean Girls in Direct Sales and How Not to Be One

October 4, 2017

Avoiding Mean Girls in Direct Sales In today’s society, it seems that women’s biggest relationship problems would be with men, not women. But for all too many women, it’s the other women in their lives that make life difficult. Grown up mean girls can be catty, vindictive creatures. And while typically this behavior only causes some minor discomfort or hurt feelings, in extreme cases it can make our…