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2020: The Year I Showed Up

February 14, 2020

Here is to this year! 2020! The year I stopped creating social media posts with what I thought people wanted to see. The year I stopped doing things that didn’t bring me absolute joy. The year that I stopped trying to create friendships with people whose end goal was self serving. The year that I stopped telling myself every reason why I couldn’t do something. The year I…

Personal Development Wellness

Boss Time Management Tips – Be More Productive

October 16, 2018

Did you realize that every time we become distracted, that it can take on average, 15 minutes to regain focus on whatever we were working on? Imagine how fast that would add up? Let’s be honest girl. Shit adds up quickly. Before you know it, you’ve blinked and you can’t list anything you’ve accomplished. It’s time for some of my best tips that will actually boost your productivity…

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How To Become More Confident

September 17, 2018

Whenever I am coaching one of our clients, so many of the conversations, no matter where they start come back to being about their lack of confidence. So many ladies, say, “Well I could totally do that, if I only had more confidence.” They allow others to stand in the spot light, knowing that they dream of more but just refuse to go after it. Because of that…

Lifestyle Personal Development

Why Are you Trying to Be Perfect?

September 6, 2018

I have talked a lot about being an impostor lately! Ya know, pretending you have it all together and really, you often wonder what the heck you should be doing every other minute. It sucks. It’s exhausting to pretend to be someone we aren’t because we just don’t feel good enough. We sign up for masterminds, ebooks, coaching programs. We listen to our team calls, motivational speakers and…

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Why “Letting Go” is the Most Important Skill for a Direct Sales Leader

April 19, 2018

As a Direct Sales Leader supporting your team members is a requirement of your business. After all, you have chosen to be a “leader” and leading by example and assisting your down line is expected by the company and by those that choose to be on your team. But often there is a fine line that has to be drawn when a team member continually asks for things…