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No Sales Peeps Allowed

No Sales Peeps Allowed

Who said you have to be a sales person? In fact if you think you have to sell stuff in this day in age to have a successful home based business, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only thing that people need to understand if they have seen different companies and thought, “Well why I couldn’t I do that?” is that they should really dive into themselves instead of just doing the girl next door or your best friend a favor.  I have been in the Direct Sales industry for over 15 years and the #1 thing I see is when people just sign up on a whim. The truth is, you have thought about the what ifs. What if I could be my own boss? What if I could quite my job? What if I could be that girl that travels and has a huge community surrounding her? Well you can be.  But then you stop and you think, “Oh but I’m not a sales person.” Here is one for you. Neither am I. I haven’t been for over 10 years and that’s the length of time I have been with my company.

What do you mean? you ask. Exactly what I said. I have never, not once sold any of my products. I use them and I share them with passion. I share how they make me feel. I share the journey. I share my friendships, the memories, my travel and everything in between. That is what is magnetic. That is what attracts customers and new team members to me. You see, my thought process is that I love my products. I love my company. I love how my heart feels when I am working and when I am with my friends. I want every single person to feel that and I will give a million reasons why they should jump in full force but if they don’t, well than that is THEIR choice.

One of the biggest fears that people have when it comes to joining a direct sales company is 1. fear of the unknown and 2. what people will think. They don’t want to be tooo pushy or salesy and they can’t even comprehend how they would ever be successful without annoying everyone they know. Sound familiar?

Yes, the concern makes sense but it’s a complete misconception to think that you have to be a “in your face” type of business owner pushing products and the opportunity in their faces.

Taking some time to do your research and getting a good handle on the things that interest you is the #1 thing that you need to do when considering being a business owner. You should light up when you think or talk about your products. 10 years later and I am still just  as giddy about luxury home decor and fragrance as I was when I joined.

My Team Criteria

When I talk to people about my business, 9 times out of ten, they ask me before I ask them. They ask about a trip they saw on Facebook or a new product that launched. This immediately tells me that I am sharing the exact perfect recipe of my journey with my company. If someone is interested in the possibility and running people away is a concern, I explain:

  • Although they start their journey  with close family and friends, we truly focus on helping them learn how to meet new people.
  • That we create a party atmosphere and our goal is to bring people together, not just shove products in their face.
  • A direct seller is kind of like an Instagram blogger. Sharing their favorite products and things they use that a new customer might find useful for their life.
  • I always tell people that I am absolutely not looking for SALES PEOPLE to join my team. I want positive, go getters who love fragrance and home decor and would enjoy sharing it with everyone they meet.
  • We need enthusiastic people. That is the #1 characteristic over sales skills because frankly desperately trying to push items onto people inauthentically will not work. If they are honestly passionate about their interests and what they do….the products sell themselves.
  • I want people who want to have fun and want to learn and who truly want to make customers happy by buying our products. When that happens, you truly never have to sell.

There really is no need to be the classic cliche of a salesy, pushy sleazebag. That is a myth and there are ways to sell authentically that are joyful, honest, and successful. Do your research. Find the company with the right products, the right people and the right goals. When that happens and you are excited, everything comes together and the sky is the limit.

So go for your dreams! Wanna chat about home based businesses or after this blog, are you ready to get started? Let’s do this? Click here. 


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