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Your Online Launch Party – 11 Steps to Success

March 18, 2018
 An online launch party is the key to letting everyone know about your new Home Based Business. This is what you need to organize immediately after getting your new consultant ID. Too many consultants take a pause and think that they should just wait for their  Starter Kit to arrive but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most consultants get caught up in floating around Facebook or reading the start up guide but your sponsor should be telling you immediately, lets’ plan your launch party.

Now is the time to shout out to the public, ” I have a new business!”, so that you can start filling that calendar. Now when I first joined my company, the only type of launch party anyone suggested was having friends and family come to my house or randomly asking neighbors that I never spoke to, to come over and check out my new business. I have to be honest with you, I completely skipped my launch party. I told my sponsor I had one but truth be told, I was scared. I hated the idea of talking to new people and I didn’t know anyone where I lived.  How many of you are saying, ” That is me.” right now.

Your Online Launch Party

Well girlfriend, you are in luck. We have this amazing resource called the internet and this incredible platform called Facebook. Do you see where I’m going? Ah Yeah. You can have your launch party online.  Now do not be mistaken. An in person launch party will ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS be more successful. There is nothing better than a room full of people smelling our scent testers and falling in love with every fragrance that reminds them of a time in their life. They truly connect with Scentsy and they are sold. But, if you can not have in house launch party, the next best thing is an online one. This means, you have no excuse to skip it. You need to choose one or the other and get moving the DAY YOU SIGN UP.

A launch party will get you moving. Trying to just bring a catalog with you and hoping someone asks to see it is not something that will sustain your business for the long hall. You need to build a customer base and the way to do that is to book your calendar FULL.   Try to set it up your Scentsy Launch Party within the first 5-7 of joining.

Now if you choose an online party, lets cover some tips that will help you get started.

1)      First & Foremost:  Relax. Your sponsor will help you. You don’t need to know everything. You just need to stay excited about your new business adventure. The tricky party is showing that excitement online.

2)     Immediately set up your Facebook Business Page. Ask your sponsor what guidelines you need to follow. From there, your sponsor is going to set up a private Facebook online launch party event and she will make YOU the hostess along with her.  You can create a cute title page, maybe with your picture and title it, “YOUR NAME’S LAUNCH PARTY”.

3)     Next it is time for the invites. You will want to do this about a week in advance and here is the key. These invites will be personal invites ONLY. Do not group text, or group message any of the people you are invited.  I suggest calling, texting or messaging around 50 people.

You can send them something like, “Hey Mary, Its Jilleysue. Guess what? I decided to start my very own  business. I thought long and hard about it and I really think it will be something for me that I will enjoy. I love these products and use them everyday so it’s right up my alley. My sponsor is helping me plan my launch party but good news, my guests can attend in the comfort of their jammies. Yup, to make it easy for everyone, I am going to have an easy 30 minute Launch party right here on Facebook. I would love if you could come and check things out. Can I send you an invite? No pressure. You can simply join the event and check things out right online.”

You can simply copy and paste this message over and over to all 50 of your friends. Try to get 30 people at least who accept your invitation.

facebook party

4)      Follow-up phone calls, text messages, Facebook and email reminders are a MUST for a success online launch party!  Plan to contact everyone 3 days before your event as a GENTLE reminder. Your sponsor will remind you of all of this as you go along.

5)      Take a look at your calendar for the next two months.  Choose the dates that you want to work.  Make a list of YOUR closest open party dates.  During your launch party, you can choose some fun booking activities. Really the goal of your launch party is to get more bookings so you will need to know what days work for you. Let guests choose which day they want to hold their parties from your available dates.  If you give a gift for booking a party –tell them to choose their favorite bar or mini warmer (whatever is in your budget) and you will give to them the night of their party.

6)    Video! Video! Video!  Remember you are doing this online so video is going to be super important. You should do a quick video to send to guests to remind them of your launch party and thank them for supporting you. You will also want to create a short video that you post in the Facebook event.  If you are planning on going live in your party and if this is before your kit comes, then your sponsor will either go LIVE from her home or she should let you borrow some product so you both can go LIVE from your house. Either or works but do not depend on photos or posts for your launch party. People want to see you and they need to see products. They need to be able to connect with you.

7)     Remember this is only 30 minutes. You will conduct it just like a normal Facebook party. Your sponsor should know exactly how she runs hers so this should be simple. Do a few pre-posts. These could include your video Thank you and then when the party gets started another Let’s get started LIVE or video to say Hello.

8)      Private Messages are key. Remember you can not do personal specials but you can let guests know that the more they interact the more you will be messaging them with “SPECIAL” Messages. You can give away Scent circles or anything for engagement and especially for booking parties. THAT IS YOUR GOAL!

9)    Don’t forget to get each guests information. You want their name, phone number, email address, and phone number so that you can start building up your contact area in your workstation. Give an incentive for this too. At a normal party, this would be a drawing slip but for an online party, you can just have them message you.

10)  Again GO LIVE! When you do, be excited, share your story, why you joined, why their support means so much to you and Thank them for attending. The more they see you the better but you MUST stay excited and be engaged. No one wants to be at a dreary party. Get noise makers if you need to and BE SILLY.  Have a Good TIME!!  This is supposed to be FUN!!

11)  Always offer your Opportunity even if you are new. Tell your guests, that you are looking for a buddy to go along for the ride with you.

If you’re looking to do something NEW and EXCITING or venture into becoming your own At-Home-Entrepreneur for the very first time…. I encourage you find something that you’re extremely passionate about. I found something that I am extremely passionate about and I want to work with people who want something more and are ready to run. Sound amazing? Message me and let’s see if you would be the perfect fit on my team.


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