Social Media

Great Content Ideas for Instagram Stories

April 9, 2019

Want a good reason to start using Instagram Stories on a daily basis? Well I will give more than one. How about 250 million? That is how many people use Instagram Stories DAILY! WHAT? Crazy right? It is hard to believe that this feature is relatively new, but Instagram stories is showing people that is is a game changer in the social media world. So, if you haven’t…


10 Habits of an Organized Girl Boss

March 1, 2019

Time to get it together girlfriend! Right? Isn’t it time that you had a bestie that said that to you? Well let me be it. You are running a business, and its time to start thinking like a GIRLBOSS! Getting yourself and your work area to a point where it is organized is vital to your productivity and the strength of your business. Clutter and chaos will ultimately…


Choosing the Right Mentor for your Home Business

February 19, 2019

Choosing the right mentor is probably one of the most important decisions you can make when you are about to start your business. Starting your own home based business can be so much fun to share with people but making sure you have the right support system can be the key factor as to whether you succeed or fail. You may hear about a particular business from someone or a…


Top Tips for Leaders Mentoring Their Teams

February 4, 2019

Managing a team whether you are in a direct sales business or in a home business where you have hired people can be difficult. For some it is the hardest part of the job. You have to be able to deal with different personalities effectively and fairly at all times. Listening is a skill that you will develop and speaking to others in a non-confrontational manner is also crafted…


What Led Me To Celery Juice?

January 14, 2019

For years, and I mean almost my whole life, I’ve struggled with weight and body image issues. I try to think back to the earliest point that I can remember and it felt like being conscious about my height and my size consumed my life.  I look at pictures from then and think , I think, “Was I crazy?”  Fact is, it was a true issue for me.…


Cozy Self Care Winter Rituals

January 9, 2019

I visit my home state of Maine every Christmas and after a week, I honestly think to myself, ” How the heck can anyone do this for 7 months.” Thankfully I live in Florida and we see plenty of sunshine but I wanted to post this week about a few of a few of my common practices that I follow even living here. I definitely think they could…