The Ultimate Mastermind-VIP Program


The Social Super Group Ultimate is a Mastermind Membership Program designed to educate, connect & inspire passionate Direct Sellers. A program that you gives you access to your own personal Social Media and Business Coach!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to shorten the learning curve and have YOUR specific questions answered that have to do with your business? . Most of the time, it isn’t just about new platforms, systems or procedures, it is about getting comfortable with ourselves and our business and putting ourselves out there. We will tackle everything I have learned from some of the best coaches in the world, along with how to avoid self doubt, foster a positive mindset, visualize your future and so much more. 

What is Group Coaching?

A budget friendly way for Direct Sales Consultants to have their own Social Media & Business Coach right at their finger tips. Avoid going in the wrong direction by having someone there at all times who can answer your questions and teach you what the most popular trends are that will work for YOUR business. 
…And So much more.

Building Your Business and Your Personal Brand online Doesn’t Have to be So Hard.
There should be a place where you can

1. Ask Questions
2. Get quick answers & step by step instructions froms someone who has done it.

Who Should Join:

Work at Home Moms and Women In Direct Sales or Network Marketing.
Direct Sales Leaders and Party Plan Reps.
Home based business owners.
Women who want to be part of a community of women helping women.

What Does an SSGU Member Get?

  • One Weekly Webinar from Me!  A 60 minute session with question and answer at the end.
  • All Replays Available 24 hours later.
  • Monthly LIVE Q & A. Get your questions answered. (Replay available in the group)
  • Coming in 2018. One Facebook Live training from a leader in our field.
  • Support from ME and support from your peers who are serious about moving forward in their business
  • Secret Facebook group filled with resources, ideas, graphics, new friendships, how tos and more.
    No more searching. Immediate answers to your questions.
  • VIP access to expert advice

What Will I Gain?

  • Self Confidence
  • Friendships
  • A Girlboss Kick in the Butt
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Training and Resources to Market Your Business Online
  • Online Communication Skills (Be Sassy, Not Spammy)
  • Social Media Experience (Facebook Live, Graphics, Periscope, Video)
    Mentoring and Support
  • All the How To’s You Need so YOU can shorten that learning curve.

Don’t Worry! It’s Self Paced for All Skill Levels

The Ultimate Mastermind Program consists of a self paced learning program and information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been in Direct Sales  for years or if you’ve just signed up. This program will benefit you and dramatically transform you and your business into the modern, socially connected and personally branded empire you have always dreamt about.

A Program Based On What YOU Need

This Program was created based on what I wished I had when I started my Direct Sales Business. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information I share with consultants has been taught to me by absolute experts, like Kim Garst who have built million dollar empires and know the ins and outs of Social Media, Digitial Strategy, Personal Branding and more.

Kim Garst

What Does It Cost?

Is she serious? YUP! Only $5 for 30 Day Trial! I know I tried a bazillion coaches and spent a lot of money on programs I never used. I want you to be able to try this out, in a group coaching setting to see if this is for you first.

Come Join us! $5 just to take a peek. After that, it is $32 per month. Simply click the subscribe button below! You will be emailed the link to join your new group. Make sure you add your FACEBOOK NAME so I can relate the payment to the NAME. You will be billed $5 initially and then $32 monthly. You can stop the payment any time.  Lets Do THIS!!

Social Super Group

**You can try it out  for $5 and see if it’s for you. You control your subscription and can cancel that at any time! **In the event that you cancel your subscription, you will be removed from the SSGU group immediately upon doing so.

jill mccarthyA Word From Jilleysue

“I love the Direct Sales Industry, because it makes dreams possible for every person out there. Twisting this industry up with Social Media allows us to connect with so many more and really build lasting relationships. I want to share my love and passion with the world. That’s what this program is about. This Mastermind will teach simple techniques to every direct seller and small business owner with any skill set and show them, that they CAN DO IT!” Try it out for only $5 for 30 days! That’s how confident I am, that the program will change your business.

Here Is What Other SSGU Members Are Saying:

“Jilleysue breaks it down, so that anyone can understand each platform/network. She is armed with amazing ideas on how to connect and build relationships online” Jana Reffel –

“Before SSGU I was shy, kept to myself, and was scared to grow my business. I can honestly say that SSGU has not only changed my business but has changed my life! I jumped in head first with everything I have learned and still learning, not knowing what to expect, and the outcome has been phenomenal! Not only do have a strong group to turn to now, but I have tripled my team, doubled my sales, and have came out of my comfort zone. I am a much stronger and more confident than I ever thought I could be! Thank You SSGU” Katherine Cook – Scentsy

SSGU has changed my life my way of thinking and my confidence level. I have learned so much about where I want to go in my business and the steps even if baby step I need to use take in order to reach my goals. Plus SSGU has truly become my family. 💜 – Emily Aransky – Scentsy

SSGU gives me the confidence I need to succeed in my business. You’ll find easy to apply training to take your business to the next level. You’ll also get real, girl-boss motivation from Jilleysue and the other members of this group. Follow the ideas your get in this group and watch your business grow. – Melissa Feldman Ellefsen – Scentsy

“I believe the SSGU experience can be explained with one word…LIBERATION! I had so many fears about what I couldn’t do, instead of focusing on what I could. JillySue teaches you how to overcome your fears, in baby steps, until you are walking and leaping and scaling mountains! Being a part of SSGU is the most encouraging and motivating investment I have every done for myself. And the sisterhood you develop along the way is priceless! If you are looking for a place to learn how to brand and market yourself, to understand social media (all platforms), or just need a place to grow your confidence while you are building a successful business than JillySue is your answer with SSGU. It’s worth every cent!!” Sylvia Hedberg Thomas – Keep Me Safe Organics

I’ve tried several different coaching programs and I’ve never found them to be as valuable as SSGU. The detailed trainings, the community willing to help, and Jill’s honest approach have made SSGU one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve ever made for my business! Sarah Jane Kramer – Limelight Cosmetics

When I found SSGU, I was in a dark place, not even sure what I wanted out of my business, not even sure what I needed. Then I found Jill and SSGU and it’s like a light was turned on. I became reinvested in my business in ways I hadn’t been before. I learned how to do things the right way on social media and I saw my business change. I also changed myself. I became confident in myself. I started doing videos, something I’ve always been scared of doing. I talked on stage in front of hundreds at our annual convention, something I would have never done before. The tribe I found is a tribe like none I’ve ever had. The lights were turned on with SSGU and I am forever thankful for finding this group! –   Norma Jenkins – Scentsy

Are you Convinced? Let’s Do This! Got questions? Feel free to email me at I can’t wait to shorten the learning curve for you and get you spending time on things that will grow your business like booking parties and sponsoring new team members.

Social Super Group