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First of all, its super amazing that you hit this page and you’re looking to work more closely with me.

If you’re here on this page looking to partner with me in my Network Marketing Company and you want to become your own Independent Entrepreneur than you’ve landed in just the right place.

Being a GIRL BOSS coach in this industry since 2008 has given me the opportunity to try many different things but quite frankly, there are specific reasons that I chose the company that I’m with and here is why:

  • An amazing company with core values
  • Products that are consumable & can be easily promoted online.
  • A system that is easily duplicatable.
  • A stable company that has been around since 2004.
  • Products that I would buy even if there was no comp plan
  • Products that have mass market appeal. Everyone loves them
  • Products that fit me and my life. They fit my brand and make sense for me to share.


I have no idea if those reasons are as important to you as they were to me, but if you are looking for a company to partner with, it is important that you take your time and find the opportunity that fits your personality and your life.

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If you’re looking for something NEW & fun that could provide you with the opportunity to be your own business, then the #1 thing you need to do first is find something you are passionate about.  As awesome as it would be for you and I to work together, we both need to make sure that it’s the right fit for both of us. It is important for you to think about this as you read further.

Now that I am seasoned in this industry, I don’t work with everyone, because I take a lot of time to coach and train my team. I put everything I have into my people and heck, I don’t want to waste your time either.


  • Someone who is coachable
  • Someone that is dependable
  • Someone that has the no-excuses mindset
  • Someone that is ready to do what it takes to create the life they want
  • Someone who sees the world through champagne colored glasses

If you can check yes off to all of those characteristics above and you are ready for time freedom and to be able to dictate how you live your life…… Well it’s very simple. I am looking for ladies who are ready to kick some GIRLBOSS butt in their own home business and create the life they have always dreamed about. LET’S DO THIS!


OH YEAH…. and we have a insane amount of FUN because life is too darn short not to! Let’s Do This!

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