Hey friends! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been doing this blog/Instagram thing for a while now and after a few seasons of adversity, & figuring out what joy looks like, it’s now my mission to help others experience this fulfillment, too. To CREATE YOUR COZY!


I don’t really love the word “influencer” but rather an educator as I promise to share my journey raw and real along with only things that I actually use in my life.  I want to be a true resource where you’ll find lifestyle & business tips as well as home decor and wellness insider secrets along the way. This is my mess that I have turned into a collection of things that have helped me find my way.


I got your back girl, from the inside out. I’m a small town girl from Maine who has experienced a lot since my move to South Florida. If you’re ready to stop sliding into a ‘just getting by’ mindset – and begin to truly live intentionally – you’re in the right place. It’s your time to begin to Create Your Cozy! Grab your champagne glass & let’s chat about how to get started with home fragrance, decor, business & so much more.  XOXO, Jilleysue

Being Recommendations

My Experience with the Fasting Mimicking Diet


So many of you have followed along on my Instagram stories and asked about more details about the Prolon FMD mimicking fast that I have started doing and specifically how I felt during and fast. The Prolon fasting protocol follows FMD and lays everything out for you in a super convenient way – you receive a box with 5 days of nutrition and hydration, along with a plan…

Beauty Being Recommendations

My Favorite Skincare & Eyelash Booster

Dime beauty reviews

I love love love long eyelashes but the cost, the pain of extensions and now my love for getting rid of toxins has led me to this company that I am sure you have seen in your Instagram feed. I have officially been using almost all of their products for going on 7 months. I wanted to try everything out before I gave my honest feedback and I’m…

Business Social Media

Brand You, Not What You Sell

Personal Branding

When it comes to Social Media are you branding yourself to your company? Meaning, do you have any main social profile with your company name or specific product?  EXAMPLES:  “Jill McCarthy Scentsy” “Scentsy with Jilleysue” “Washer Whiffs with Jilleysue”.  I see it daily. Network Marketing business owners that box themselves into what they sell and what company they are with. They have secondary Facebook pages, Instagram accounts….all surrounding……yup…

Social Media

Jilleysue’s Ultimate Online Checklist

Jilleysue systems

Do you look at the online space and get overwhelmed? Are you thinking, “Where should I be? What platforms are for me? Where do I begin? How will I be every where? I’m not even interesting. I have nothing to share.” Are you seeing all the other business owners doing all the things you know should be doing but you don’t know where to start? Well first of…