10 Habits of an Organized Girl Boss

Organized girlboss

Time to get it together girlfriend! Right? Isn’t it time that you had a bestie that said that to you? Well let me be it. You are running a business, and its time to start thinking like a GIRLBOSS!

Getting yourself and your work area to a point where it is organized is vital to your productivity and the strength of your business. Clutter and chaos will ultimately stop you from moving forward and put a damper on anything you’ve built. Whether you know it or not, disorganization and bad habits are keeping you from living the life you deserve. I am a blunt coach ladies. You’ve truly got to get your shit together and clear the chaos . But as always, I got you boo. Check out these 10 tips that lots of my organized Bosses make sure they are following.

When you take the time to organize, it really means that you care enough and respect the things that matter the most.  Instead of having pile of products or files all over your little sassy white office, you decide too put things where they belong or get rid of things you don’t need. Pretty simple right? And instead of hoping you remember what your schedule is going to be tomorrow, you time block or create a to do list with the 5 top tasks.

Sounds easy enough, but why is it that so many peeps that work from home, just don’t do the little things to make their business run more smooth.

Once you get things to the point, where it works for you, it takes a little bit of time to get use to things. But in the end, getting on track will save you tons of frustration and time so that you can focus on growing you business.

10 Habits of an Organized Girl Boss

That girl, makes a schedule

Girl, you seriously need to come up with a track to track your time and come up with a schedule.  I like to keep track of exactly what I do every day on Google calendar. It always amazes me, how much time I waste when I log everything on my calendar. After a week or so, you can see where your time goes and you can also track how much time you need on each tasks. Do this for a week or two and then you are able to easily see where your time goes and how much you need.

Me sure to put like items together. We call this batching. This helps with productivity. Keep adjusting your calendar until every task is designated and every time slot has a purpose. Be sure to leave yourself a little wiggle room just in case something you didn’t plan for comes up.

Test your new schedule for at least a couple weeks. Then you can make the changes that you need to. I am currently testing my new schedule and the only way to figure out if it’s actually working is to constantly test and make changes where you need. You are a business owner and what we do is accept that we must constantly improve our systems.

She Makes Sure It has a Home

Creating a clutter free environment is one of the most important habits of a girl boss. I am constantly looking around my home and office and looking for areas I can declutter. Every item that you keep should bring you joy. Everything in your home, purse, closet and office should have a place. If it doesn’t, find one or get rid of it.

Organize these in the office:

  • Office supplies
  • Books on a book shelf
  • Cords for all of those gadgets that I know you have
  • Papers filed and put away or trashed if they aren’t needed

When things have a home, guess what? There is no more cleaning.

She Loves her To Do List

That is right! One to do list. Keep it on paper, in a planner, on your phone. What ever works for you. In my case, I use a dry erase board and list out the top 3-5 things I need to accomplish in that day. A paper to do list was getting too long and digital phone lists, I would ignore. There is no right or wrong, you just have to find the system that works best for you and stick to it.

Before Bed, She Knows What She Is Doing Tomorrow

Organizing the night before for tomorrow is the best way to stay organized. Your desk should be cleaned off and you should be ready to work when you sit down.  This way you can look at your dry erase board and you know exactly what you have too get done. Once those items are done, you can take a look at the pretty calendar and see what is in store for the rest of the week.

That Desk Sparkles

I spend a lot of time at my work space. I know you do too. When it isn’t looking like the GIRL BOSS I am, I perform at half my ability. Your area should be neat, free of desk, clutter free and it should be the definition of who you are. Straighten that desk every night so in the morning you don’t dread sitting down with your cup of coffee.

Keep only three folders on your desk:

  • To Read
  • To-Do
  • To File

This Girl Doesn’t Procrastinate

Distraction is the route of procrastination. You need to look at that list. Shut down the Facebook and the Tube and finish those tasks.  You have to move forward with focus and determination, passion and energy. You must remember what it feels like when you finish what you need to do. You CANNOT grow your business if you are stuck in that black hole of waiting and trying to decide what to do next.

Be quick to make a decision and even quicker to take action. We might not be talking about you here, but its important to start with baby steps. We all have to start some where.  Just move! Just jump! Just take action. It will pay off, I promise.

She enjoys other organized women

Girl, you are who you hang out with. Time to LEVEL UP!  Upgrade your conversations about business by joining Facebook groups. Join masterminds. Grab a coach. Find the people you want to be like and make it priority to spend the MOST time with them.

Some friends and family may not understand your hustle but if you want the best life, the life you deserve, some times change is necessary.

You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with. Time to upgrade?

Go Away Distractions

It is up to me is my favorite affirmation right now. Focus is my favorite word. I repeat them hour by minute. “It’s up to me, FOCUS! You must concentrate on the task you need to get done. Whatever distracts you, shut it out. When you are an organized girl boss, you know what those distractions are and you cut them. I put my phone on do not disturb regularly.

She Has a Morning Routine

I now start my day on a positive note, with a smile and excitement to get to work. 7-11 are my magic hours. They are when I get up, take care of myself, journal, work out, brain storm. This is literally changing my life day by day. I feel so much more in control and clear on my goals.

My morning ritual consists of a hot lemon water, 16 ounces of regular water, 30 minutes of reading, journaling my gratitude and goals, listinig my affirmations, working out, taking care of my dogs, light clean and then after all that, I start my day.

She Makes Self Care a Priority.

You can ‘t possibly be your best you without taking care of you. Water, Exercise, good food, meditiation. Whatever it is, make sure it’s on the top of your to do list because if you aren’t working at 100%, your business never will be.

These 10 Girl Boss habits will help you to feel more productive in your business.   Not everyone is born naturally organized but you can learn new habits.  Join us in our communitywhere we talk about lots of GIRL BOSS stuff that will catapult your business to where you want it.

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