2019 Favorite Target Christmas Decor

target holiday decor

Hey! Guess what? I’m probably headed to Target today! What a surprise right? If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m scoping things out there weekly especially when I get wind that the bulls eye bin is being updated. Sorry, Not Sorry.

I love Target, but a normal ritual for me is to surf their website before I even head into the store. This way, I can make a mental note of my favorite items, save them in the app and …… yup watch for sales.

I will be completely honest, I basically skip Halloween. To me, that is decorators eve. Decorators even for Christmas that is. Are you even thinking Christmas yet? Well if you aren’t, chances are you will be come the 1st of second week of November. When I was a kid, we put the Christmas tree up, Thanksgiving night. That is probably the case for many of you, but as I grew older and started working from home, I decided that I wanted to enjoy everything Christmas longer. I mean after all, its a lot of work to create that cozy Christmas, so why not enjoy it as long as you can. Tons of you I know don’t agree and that’s OK, but for those of you that do, well time to have some fun.

As a child, it use to be multi colored lights every where but now I am more of the whites and reds, snowy looks, neutrals up against the pines but when you give yourself permission to decorate every room, well you never know what I might do. Truth is, do what you love. Look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and just start creating.

As you all know, I love the farmhouse, country, vintage look. It brings me back to growing up in Maine and fact is, it just makes me feel cozy. And after all, my message is all about creating your own cozy.

So let’s talk Target. I basically searched for that look on their site. In the stores, they are transitioning out of Halloween/Fall and starting to move the Christmas stuff in, but online….oh its ready to go.

Faux Bed Throw

Woven Serving Tray

Santa Square Throw Pillow

Strip Storage Canister

Believe Cookie Jar

Plaid Pillow

Mixed Pretty Gold Eucalyptus Wreath

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Sign

White Faux Fur Garland

Faux Ivory Christmas Tree Skirt

All I want for Christmas is dogs PJs

Here are my Top 14 favs so far. I will certainly not be against adding to this list as I find more. It might seem insane for so many of you to start seeing my trees up and decor coming out but…….my favorite thing to do in the world is to create looks and inspiration for all of you. So its a little bit insanity, a little bit passion.

Stay tuned as I go hunting the bullseye bin this week for whatever they are releasing. I’ve seen some good sneak peeks. Take a peek at the link above. I see some cute stuff already.

Have you see anything cute I missed? Shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook and lemme hear all about it.