53 Instagram Tips for your Direct Sales Business

  1. Create an awesome bio. Let it explain exactly what you do and what your message is to your ideal customer. [ Click To Tweet ]
  2. This is one so many people miss. Make your username related to your business. Always be thinking keyword search.
  3. Think like someone searching. Don’t use odd spellings of your name or company name in the bio.
  4. Include your real name in your bio or the name that people know you as. For example, I have Jilleysue everywhere.
  5. Include your website or Facebook page or even a custom form for free offer where you can collect a person’s information to follow up.
  6. Upload a professional or really good profile pic. Ultimately one you are using consistently on other Social Media platforms.
  7. Make sure your posts are set to public. You are running a business so people need to find you. Uncheck “Posts are Private” on the Edit Profile page
  8. Do NOT connect your Instagram to Facebook or Twitter. If you are already posting IG pics to other platforms, why would they follow on Instagram?
  9. Instagram is about being visual. Remember you have to be different. Take your own shots & Edit them. Don’t just post what everyone else is posting.
  10. Learn as much as you can about Instagram. The lingo, the best apps, how it works. Use the Tools Instagram provides you.
  11. Think out the box. You must post things differently than other consultants and you MUST add your info to them or do thing that will be unique to you.
  12. Decide which filters work best. Many times your phone takes great pics even without filtering. Use apps like VSCO to edit your photos.
  13. Learn how to use the edit tools or apps that will make your photos look different.
  14. Use the geo tag feature whenever you can or when you are at an event. This will have you showing up in specific areas.
  15. Determine what artistic effect best represents your brand.
  16. Be consistent in your use of artistic edits (filters, layers, angles, etc.) Choose a theme and stick with it…until of course you change it.
  17. Make sure the look of your account matches your message. Colors, Fonts, Filters, etc.
  18. Be Consistent and actively post to your account. At a minimum post in the morning and at night.
  19. ANY Time someone leaves a comment, respond back.
  20. Post all kinds of things. Customers buying your products, vendor events, boxes arriving, kids helping.
  21. Did I say this before? NEVER LEAVE YOUR POST COMMENTS BLANK. Engagement is more important than posting photos.
  22. Comments are like gold. You have 60 minutes once you post for Instagram to see the engagement and determine if they share your photo with the rest of your followers.
  23. Delete and remove any insta-spammers asking you or your followers to take a look at their opportunity.
  24. Have a friendly conversation. Make friends. Thank and engage with those who comment on your posts.
  25. Use the @name to respond to followers comments (otherwise, they won’t see your response)
  26. Like a LOT of posts – don’t be shy! But more importantly, leave comments on peoples accounts that you don’t know.
  27. COMMENT A LOT ON OTHER PEOPLE’S POSTS! Instagram will show your posts to people you engage with.
  28. Post videos and use Instagram Stories ALOT.
  29. Use relevant hash tags to boost your engagement. This takes research. Know what will be seen the best.
  30. Don’t overuse hash tags – more than 6-11 per post is enough. You can post up to 30 but you don’t need to over do it.
  31. The worst thing to do is use popular hash tags especially if unrelated to get exposure. Guess what #selfie is not going to be seen.
  32. Now speaking of selfies. STOP! One or two are fun but 5 a day will get you UNFOLLOWED.
  33. Do I even have to say this. No inappropriate photos or videos.
  34. Be sure you space out when you post. If you post too much, you will crowd the feed and your followers will get annoyed.
  35. Do not just post your Direct Sales products. If you have seen one, you have seen them all. Think out of the box. Make people stop and say, “WOW!”
  36. Use your own photos. INSTAGRAM IS NOT FOR MARKETING FLYERS. Get rid of them.
  37. If you use someone else’s photo, besides your company, you must give photo credit.
  38. Follow trainers, industry leaders, people who inspire you. On top of following, engage with them and leave comments.
  39. Follow your competition. Watch what they are doing and take note of what is working.
  40. Follow people who have your interests. I follow people involved with makeup, shoes, wine, fitness, fashion, doxies, business. Again engage!
  41. Do not just follow someone, get their follow and then unfollow them. That’s not nice. Remember we are a force for good, even online.
  42. DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS!!!! Instagram will mark you as SPAM. They want real humans engaging on their app.
  43. Do not follow everyone that follows you – follow only those with similar interests or engagement
  44. Learn about a top Instagram Tip: Direct Messaging. A blog post will be coming this week.
  45. Instagram only shows you your last 75 interactions, so be sure you are checking your account a few times a day.
  46. Give people credit for amazing posts and you will gain more followers.
  47. Monitor and analyze your stats and engagement.  You NEED a business account so you can check your Insights and see what is working.
  48. Know which days and which times are the best to share your posts. Post with intention and a strategy.
  49. Make sure you post on your other platforms your Instagram URL so they can find and follow you.
  50. Think about why you follow people. For their content. So be sure you are posting visual content that people will come back for.
  51. Be known for something. People know me as Jilleysue. Lover of everything Pink, Sparkly, Wine, Shoes that has Dachshunds named after Italian food.
  52. Be authentic-Be you. Don’t try to be someone you are not. People are smart and they will look elsewhere.
  53. Make friends. Don’t sell your products on Instagram. If you push your products, people will push you away. Share your moments with Scentsy and why you love it so much.

Instagram Tips

WOW! What a list of Instagram Tips.

There its is. My ultimate Instagram Tips list for beginners just starting out and looking to use Instagram for their business.  For those of you who are new to using Instagram for your Scentsy or any other Direct Sales business, I hope this gets you started and not so confused. Like any other site, it will take time to really determine what works best for you and your brand. However, I hope that these rules guide you to success a little faster.

If you’re on Instagram, please come JOIN ME! I’d love to connect on my personal account or for some GIRLBOSS motivation, over here.  If you would like other social media tips for your Direct Sales business, connect with me here.