7 Quick Tips for Creating a Cozy Space for Spring

It’s that time of year. It seems like every place in the US is trying to figure out how to stay warm besides where I am Florida. It’s often difficult to figure out if you want a cozy space or bright and airy when it’s always over 80 degrees.

For those of you not in warm weather, the minute Spring hits, you want to create a space that is simplistic and breezy as possible, with nothing extra to catch heat at all. When it is chilly outside, you want as many layers as you can find to bring on the hygge feeling. Anything you can add to make the space feel warm and cozy, its added.

I have found, that it doesn’t take much too change from cool to warm and vice versa. I find a ton of my home decor, which is very  budget friendly at Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby & Amazon (Check out a ton of my favorite items here.)

Here are just a few of my favorite tips that will always work when it comes to cozying up your home.

Faux Fur & Cable Knit throws

Spring doesn’t mean its 80 degrees automatically. Don’t be so quick to pack those cozy blankets and pillows. Even in Florida, we have those cool days  where all I want to do is grab my Ugg Throws & pillows and curl up.

Warmers, Candles & Fire

Yes, even living in Florida, I love a good fire.  I have a faux one in our living room that I usually have the light on all the time. Scentsy warmers, of course. I love new cozy fragrances & the light they cast and yes……..even candles. I don’t ever light candles in my home but  I do think even just the look of pillared or jarred candles can make your spaces look super cozy.


Wreaths, garland, small potted greens can really make a room or decorated area. A lot of time after Christmas, I simply will remove anything red such as berries and leave a lot of the pine up until March. I may or may not still have a Christmas tree up that I decorate for each holiday. It just make the room feel like we are constantly outdoors.

Sentimental Items

One of the best ways to live a “hygge” lifestyle is to have photos and family items around you that bring warmth to your heart. Try not to clutter your spaces with a ton of this stuff, but just a few pieces here and there that will always make you smile.

Neutrals & Grays

Neutrals & Grays are relaxing. I use to struggle adding color with the exception of Christmas and the minute I stuck to these colors, I would feel calm and like things had their place. When your base is neutral, you can always add a pop of color if you choose, but I always find myself sticking to what makes me feel at peace.


I am constantly  moving lighting around to see how it changes the mood in rooms. From the hundreds of Scentsy warmers to lamps to just simply switching over head lights on an off. It doesn’t get dark early in South Florida but I know I definitely am affected by where the sunlight is during the day or what lamps are on at night.  Don’t be afraid to add lamps, move warmers and diffusers. You will know how you feel when you turn each light on our off. Follow that intuition.

Add Drapes or Blinds

I truly  hate putting up curtains but they really do add more of a softness to a room and will make it feel much cozier. Adding both curtains and blinds allows you to have more control over the lighting in the room as well.

Creating a cozy space no matter what time of year it is, isn’t solely on adding decor to a room. Its about moving things around until your heart feels warm. Its when you  sit in that side chair and feel a sense of simple comfort.

Remember to get rid of anything and anything you don’t need. Clutter will always  ruin that cozy feel. We have a little bit to go until we open those windows and its Summer time, so let’s move a few things around and see if we can get rid of those winter blues.

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