7 Super Fun Direct Sales Party Games

direct sales party games

Some of my favorite Direct Sales Party Games

Booking game #1: The Dice Game

What you will need to play this game is (you guessed it) a pair of rolling dice. I borrow mine from our Monopoly game (shhh…don’t tell the kids), but you can find them at places like Wal-Mart or I love finding giant dice. Those are soo fun to roll and everyone can see the numbers. 🙂

You will also need 11 note cards in envelopes. Number the envelopes 2-12. Inside each envelope label the cards as follows:

#2 – Grand Prize Envelope

#3 – Win a Prize Envelope

#4 – Win a Prize Envelope

#5 – Win a Prize Envelope

#6 – Book a Show Envelope

#7– Book a Show Envelope

#8– Book a Show Envelope

#9– Book a Show Envelope

#10– Book a Show Envelope

#11– Book a Show Envelope

#12 – Win a Prize

Before you start playing the game, tell your guests this: “Ok, people. We’re going to play a game. It is optional, so if you don’t want to play that’s fine. But those of you who do play get a chance at some cool prizes. To play you must do what is on the card that you get.”

Each player will roll the dice and pick the card that goes with that number. If they roll a number that has already been rolled, they simply roll again. If the card says “Win a Prize” they get to choose a prize from your gift basket. If the card says “book a show” they must book a show. If their card says “Grand Prize” they get a gift and book a show. For those who have to book a show, be sure to emphasize the hostess reward so they see it as an opportunity and not an obligation.

Direct Sales Booking Game #2: The Balloon Game

As each guest enters the room, hand them a balloon with a folded note inside. Tell them the balloons are theirs to keep during the party. As you go through your party presentation, they will likely become interested in figuring out what is inside the balloon.

At the end of the party presentation, tell them that each balloon contains a prize. If they want to get that prize they must book a party. Once they book the party, they can pop the balloon to reveal what they have won. The prizes can be anything you want them to be. Free shipping on their order, a small item, a gift certificate, or even an extra hostess gift the night of their party. It’s totally up to you.

Direct Sales Booking Game #3: Deal or No Deal

This is one of the more popular direct sales games and is based on the popular game show. Bring envelopes that have note cards inside. On each card, you should write either Prize or Book a Show. If your goal is to book 4 parties, you should have at least 4 envelopes that say “Book a Party”.

Let your guests know that they are about to play “Deal or No Deal”. They could win a prize or book a show, but whatever the card says is what they must do. If they don’t want to play, all they have to do is say “no deal” and hand the unopened envelope back to you. If they say deal, they need to do whatever the card says. Make sure you emphasize that the hostess does get a reward, so they realize that booking a show is a prize in itself.

Booking Game #4 The Beads

When I arrive, I give my Scentsy a set of 3 party beads. I know some consultants use a chain with a scent circle, but I like to use the beads because people get a party feel from them. I tell the guests that for every person that agrees to book a Scentsy party that is either home, online or a tote party, that they will get a set of the beads. If our fabulous hostess is able to give away all 3 of her beads. She gets an EXTRA special prize from me. Of course, all guests want to help out their Scentsy hostess. I get at least 2 bookings from this at almost every single party.

Sales, Bookings & Recruiting: The question game

I have a roll of drawing tickets. You can usually get these pretty cheap at Walmart or The Party Store. I tell the guests that they have a chance to earn tickets towards and amazing prize just for asking me questions. Truth is at parties, people want to ask questions about your business but they are usually shy. This game gets them to ask questions and gets people talking. I tell them:

Earn 2 tickets for asking me any questions about any products such as warmers, wax, diffusers anything

Earn 3 tickets for asking me anything about booking a party. They can ask about an Scentsy Facebook party, a Scentsy party at home or even on of our easy on the go Tote parties

Earn 4 tickets for asking me anything about the Scentsy business opportunity.

The questions will start flowing and you will be able to gage who is interested in what. When no on has any more questions, count the tickets up and award the prize. Get good at making mental notes because at check out you will want to ask your quest some questions about the questions she was answering. This almost always leads to a booking or a new team member.

Connection Games: These quick and easy games will ensure you get your guests information, so you can follow up with them after the Scentsy party,

Text Game: Tell all of your guests to get out their phone. Tell them your are going to give them your phone number and you want them to enter your name as ______________ Scentsy. This way they will start to associate you as their Wax Boss. Next, you are going to say now everyone is going to send you a text with the key phrase and the first one that comes thru wins. I usually use I love wax and warmers. This one is super funny. They are all rushing to text. Then you can let them know that they now have your number and can text you any time for a gift or when they are ready to start their own business.

Facebook Game: Tell you guests to friend you on Facebook and anyone who does before they check out will win a special gift. These friend requests are MY GOLD. You want them. You want to get these people in your VIP GROUP!  People communicate on Facebook. I usually give them a sample pack or $5 off their order. They love it. I do this because I want to get them to connect with me on line. I want to keep them in that VIP GROUP and roll out the red carpet for them. THAT is super powerful.

I usually always do 3 of these Direct Sales party games. My most favorite to do together are the beads, the question game, deal or no deal and then both engagement games. I don’t want to waste my time with the guests. I have limited time to make an impression, make a connection and get their information. I have a ton of other games I would love to share with you. Be sure to check out my hundreds of blog posts or message me on Facebook and we can chat about you JOINING MY TEAM.


What party games do you like to use at your Direct Sales parties?