My Favorite Products

These are some of the most valuable tools that have helped me through out my journey. I am personally using all of the items listed below on a daily basis and I truly love each of them. They have helped me change my home, strengthen my business & most importantly heal my well being. Feel free to message me with any questions at all. I truly hope some of the items below help you as they have helped me.

Health & Wellness

Dime beauty reviews

Dime Beauty

Incredible Non Toxic Skin care. Love their perfumes,
mask & eyelash booster. Code Jilleysue20


Prolon MD

This is the 5 day fasting mimicking diet (FMD) that we love! Use the link above for an automatic 10% off Code: Jilleysue

Primally Pure

Primally Pure

My favorite 3 products: The deoderant, the dry shampoo & the cleansing oil Code Jilleysue


For my fresh fruit and greens, this is my go-to nutrition source! Use the code “Jilleysue” for 15% off!

Leefy Organics

Leefy Organics

This is my go-to supplement for pain relief, replacing motrin etc. Use the code “Jilleysue” at checkout for a discount!



My absolute favorite toothpaste. Flouride Free, Non Toxic. 100% safe and natural! Code Jilleysue

*Some of these links above are affiliate links, which means I strongly believe in the company, its products and have partnered with them. I may get a commission if you complete a purchase. With that said, none of the items that I refer are items that I don’t use or have used in home, in my business or for my well-being.