10 Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Being My Own Boss

This month, I celebrate 9 years with my current Direct Sales Business & 10 Years of Being my own Boss. Yay Me! Right? So just for hitting that 10 year mark, I will give you 2 extra bonus points. Who ever thought, I would make it this far?

Of course for the first 4 years, I didn’t even know I was my own boss, I just did this little thing on the side and hoped it would turn into something more and 4 years since I almost had a heart attack when my Corporate America job closed and I decided, “well no time like the present to go for it. ”

I use to listen to The Secret on my head phones and spend the days manifesting that soon I would have a life outside of the “normal” 9-5:

When I went full-time into my business, I had nay sayers tell me I could never build a business online. I had family members who thought I was crazy and who chuckled about my “little side business” and I had my own doubts that I struggled with on a daily basis on top of crazy adversity that you wouldn’t believe if I sat and wrote about it.

Read on for what I have learned in really the last 4 years and specifically the last 12 months.

1. You CAN figure everything out.

You have to remember that you will figure everything out. Why do I know that? Because you always have. Everything always works out. I spent so much time worried about what might happen, what I was going to do, how I was going to get there and the fact is, I always figure out how. You may not know at that given moment but the universe is designed to keep you safe and will only throw at you, the things you can handle. Cliche’? Yes but I promise you, whatever is going on, you WILL figure it out.

2. Comparison can stop you in your tracks.

You can be on a role with a new idea. Something you want to implement and then all of the sudden, WHAM! You scroll through Facebook and see someone ahead of you or with a better idea and you stop, right where you are. You can’t! You need to shut shit down and get moving. You need to focus on what you want to do and just go for it. Comparison is an ego thing and it is meant to keep you from your dreams. Just keep going. If you make mistakes along the way. That is OK, You are learning!

3. Focus on the little things

Remember how far you have come, not where you need to go. If you don’t focus on the little wins, you will beat yourself down with what you haven’t accomplished. What fun is that? Stop and tell yourself, “Great Job Boss Lady! You got this.”  Those moments will drive you to do better, be better and go for more.

4. Social media sucks but I love it.

I adore Social Media but gosh some days I just wish I could freeze time. When you run a business from your phone, it never stops. Sometimes I feel like people running an business like the old days, parties, events are much luckier. Why? Because when they go home, they get to unplug. Online businesses never stop so you need to become very good at being able to stop and take some YOU time.

5. Multitasking is a MYTH!

If you are a good multi-tasker, you are probably not accomplishing much. Just keepin it real here ladies. I was the queen of saying I was a good multi-tasker and all that now means is I was doing a whole lot of something and finishing a whole lot of nothing. Pick your top 5 things to accomplish in a week and attack those first. That is outside of your Income Producing Hour first. If you don’t… are probably using the term, “squirrel” quite often.

6.  Ignore the haters.

They will always be there. You have to accept that. Their opinions don’t pay the bills and if I listened to every hater, every doubter, I would be in bed right now because I would have been at an office at 7, in traffic for 2 hours and exhausted already dreading Monday. Live for you! Do what makes you happy even if you will make mistakes. You do you boo!

6. I’m the BEST Girl Boss & I suck too

It’s hard to hold yourself accountable and not make excuses for being unproductive. Its hard to not have “shiny object syndrome” and start 1000 different things in a day. And at the same time, I know I am so good at helping other women believe in themselves and knowing they can do this. You just have to commit to improving every single day!. That is all you can do…truly!

7. Adversity is coming!

Its coming! I don’t want to scare you but nothing is perfect forever. Be prepared. Its not about the adversity, its how you deal with it. So buckle down, get ready and tell yourself, I got this, you can’t break me!

8. Self Care is a Must!

Sleep! Vitamins! Water! Exercise! Period! You can’t be at your best and produce your best without it. Stop making excuses and make it a priority for your best you.

9. I just said Sleep and I still Stay Plugged in.

I tell my clients to shut down at night and turn off the devices but truth is, I am relaxed and excited scrolling Instagram to find new people to connect with. I guess I need to work on that….but we all have our vices right?

10. You will never be Perfect

Stop trying to get everything perfect before you take action. The truth is your imperfections are what will make you relate able. I have attracted ladies to join my team because I have shown them the real me. I have told them things happening in my life and I have let them see, I am far from perfect. Be perfectly imperfect and just get moving!

11. Being a Girl Boss Is Freaking Terrifying

There will be judgement and self doubt and ups and downs and wins and losses and many unknowns and for many of you, that is scary as hell. It is for me too. Even 10 years in, it is scary every single day. One peace of advice, when whatever you are doing is scary……you are going in the right direction.

12.  Mornings are wonderful.

Most of us hate mornings but guess what, no matter what what happened yesterday, when the sun comes up, you get to start over. You get to try again. You can’t fail unless you quit girl, so put on your big girl panties and say out loud, “NOT TODAY SATAN!, I got this shit!”

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