About Me…..

Hey Friends!  I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited to share a little bit more about my life & how I got here.


My story really begins when I was in my mid 30’s, working a corporate 9-5 job in compliance and social media. On top of all this, I was in a toxic abusive relationship and was trying to find a way to be around new people and feel sane. I didn’t plan for anything to turn into anything. I would often think to myself that there has to be another way… a better way than this. I was determined to find and build it. And soon, I saw the vision.

After diving in head first, I was able to grow my social media following and build a community of like-minded women. The life I enjoy now consists of running a business from my phone, planning a wedding (2024 bride), while hanging out with my 6 fur babies. Yes, I am a die hard pup mom. My success didn’t happen overnight, but I am grateful for the journey and am here to inspire others to take the leap!

Friends, there is a better way…
keep going until the finish line and remember: 


I’m om a daily mission to help motivated ladies design HER cozy home & healthy life with affordable finds,
home fragrance & wellness options. In doing what I am called to do, I also plan to help all the ladies find her calling and go for it.

I hope to become a resource for you to create healthier, educated, beautiful, intentional, joy filled life. I strive to create value driven content by sharing (almost) every aspect of my life in an authentic and real way.(especially on Instagram) Focusing on home decor, fragrance ideas, wellness tips, and life hacks, this blog is quite simply a place for me to share what I have learned. I truly hope it inspires you!


For partnership, collaboration, or gifting inquiries, please email jill@jilleysue.com