About Me…..

Hey Friends!  I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited to share a little bit more about my life & how I got here.


I’m om a daily mission to help motivated ladies design HER cozy home & healthy life with affordable finds,
home fragrance & wellness options.

That sounds so serious. Let’s be real! I’ve built businesses, rose and fell (a few times) and now I take things one brunch or beach day at a time.

Yup after all these years, I’ve gained what I never realized I wanted most… the flexibility to choose.

But that wasn’t always the way. For many years, my home & my health were a complete mess.

15 of my 22 years in South Florida, I was working full time and in a highly toxic, abusive relationship. I was a co-dependent to the highest degree. Depressed, dehydrated, sleep, exercise & food deprived. I was in constant fight or flight mode.

I knew something needed to change. I could see clearly the effects of the last 15 years on my body, mind and spirit. I had started my own business in 2009 randomly to keep my mind off things but it was a mess.

My journey towards alignment started with a LOT of unbalance, unwellness & fear. I was a victim blaming my circumstances on everything happening around me. I had no idea of the connection between my home, my business and my well being but once it clicked, I just got it…. yet I knew it was going to be a lot of work to take responsibility & get to a better place.

Today my life looks completely different!

A move to a stable environment where I have the freedom to work on wi-fi when I want.

My now partner in crime, Rob & I started out own businesses when our corporate jobs closed & we both work work from home. We recently got ENGAGED on New Year’s EVE 2021.

We earn trips & travel when we want.

I let go of anything not bringing me joy, including activities & businesses.

I expanded my education & passion for holistic health after countless doctors visits. I took back my body & got answers to the root cause of what was wrong with my chronic illness and now my goal has become to help others struggling to find answers.

I found the sisterhood & community I was missing.

And I am just getting started!!!

We are thrown adversity to overcome & show others, they can get through it as well. We all have days that are a mess but we have to remember, your mess can truly be your message.

I hope to become a resource for you to create healthier, educated, beautiful, intentional, joy filled life. I strive to create value driven content by sharing (almost) every aspect of my life in an authentic and real way.(especially on Instagram) Focusing on home decor, fragrance ideas, wellness tips, and life hacks, this blog is quite simply a place for me to share what I have learned. I truly hope it inspires you!


For partnership, collaboration, or gifting inquiries, please email jill@jilleysue.com