About Me…..

Hey Friends!  I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited to share a little bit more about my life & how I got here.


I’m om a daily mission to help motivated ladies design HER
Non Toxic Home & Health with affordable finds,
home fragrance & wellness options.

With over 15 years entrepreneurial experience, I’ve built 2 successful businesses and mentored thousands of women in building their own online success.

But it didn’t always look this good…during all of that, my home & my health were a complete mess.

15 of my 21 years in South Florida, I was working full time and in a highly toxic, abusive relationship. I was a co-dependent to the highest degree. Depressed, dehydrated, sleep, exercise & food deprived. I was in constant fight or flight mode.

There are years of my life that are a complete fog to me because of my depression & anxiety.

I knew something needed to change but if you’ve ever watch someone deal with addiction, you, yourself struggle right beside them. I feared what would happen if I left. I was classic, “It’s not always bad.” Then….unfortunately in 2017, that fear became real. He did in fact pass away and it has been a long road to come to the realization that he was on his own path with or without me beside him.

I could see clearly the effects of the last 15 years on my body, mind and spirit. I had started my own business in 2009 randomly to keep my mind off things but it was a mess.

My journey towards alignment started with a LOT of unbalance, unwellness & fear. I was a victim blaming my circumstances on everything happening around me. I had no idea of the connection between my home, my business and my well being but once it clicked, I just got it…. yet I knew it was going to be a lot of work to take responsibility & get to a better place. Who would have known a decision I made on Faceook in 2009 would lead me to where I am today.

Today my life looks completely different!

A move to a stable environment where I have the freedom to work on wi-fi when I want.

My now partner in crime, Rob & I started out own businesses when our corporate jobs closed & we both work work from home.

We earn trips & travel when we want.

I let go of anything not bring me joy, including activities & businesses.

I expanded my education & passion for holistic health after countless doctors visits. I took back my body & got answers to the root cause of what was wrong with my chronic illness and now my goal has become to help others struggling to find answers.

I found the sisterhood & community I was missing.

And I am just getting started!!!

We are thrown adversity to overcome & show others, they can get through it as well. We all have days that are a mess but we have to remember, your mess can truly be your message.

I hope to become a resource for you to create healthier, beautiful, intentional, joy filled life. I strive to create value driven content by sharing (almost) every aspect of my life in an authentic and real way. Focusing on home decor & fragrance ideas, wellness tips, and life hacks, this blog is a space for women to connect, converse, and escape. I hope something here will help you step forward & be the best version of you. To feel content & happy in your home, making better choices & biohacking the heck out of your well being!



For partnership, collaboration, or gifting inquiries, please email jill@jilleysue.com