Booking Parties for your Direct Sales Business and Keeping your Friends

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Booking parties is key in Direct Sales. Counting on your family and friends is not something you should plan on when you start if you truly want to be successful. It is perfectly normal and OK to ask them to help you get started, but after that, you need to step out of that circle and create a strategy to talk to as many people as you can about your business.

When you sit down and start making a plan on booking parties, look at your business like a retail store. Store owners don’t rely on their family and friends to walk into the store and buy merchandise. They market and advertise their business to strangers who then come in to make their purchases. You need to have the same mindset as these store owners in order to keep booking parties and  your calendar full.

So, how do you attract others to have a party or come to parties you have booked?  Simple, really! You need to get out there and market your business every where that you can. This includes marketing it online and offline within your own community.

Here are a few ideas to help you start booking parties

* Pass out flyers & catalogs to all of your neighbors in your community. I like to use a flyer that says “Lucky you, you have Scentsy WAX GIRL in your neighborhood.”

* Place an approved advertisement in print publications in your area.

* Hand out your business cards to everyone that you come into contact with. Also ask these contacts to fill out drawing slips so that you can get their contact information and follow up. Follow up is key. It should really be what you spend the most time on in your business. Without their information, you lose the ability to build a relationship.

* Attend community & neighborhood events handing out business cards, flyers and catalogs. Wear logo clothing to draw attention to yourself and what you do. These events will give you a chance to have conversations with new people.

* Ask people for referrals and set up a referral program to garner them

*  Create a Facebook VIP group where you can ask your VIPs to bring people into the group. Offer Happy Mail to those who invite a friend to your VIP group or your own seasonal Facebook party.

* Put out valuable content online. This content will help people find you and give you the ability to engage and let them know what you do.

* Get involved with social media networking online. Get visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

* Set up and publish a blog advertising your business, the products, the Scentsy business opportunity and so forth. Make it easy for others to find you online.

* Place a banner, button and text ads online to target your buying niche.

* Participate in some product reviews on various mom blogs & lifestyle blogs to drive traffic to your site and to help build your social media accounts.

Step Away from Family and Friends to Book Parties

Announcing your business with your family and friends is of course something I recommend. Ask them all if they will host a party with you or suggest it for down the road. Do not push your business constantly on to people. People want to be able to make a choice and most of them want to watch you and see what you are going to do with this new adventure.  With the above tips you, will be able to develop a bigger circle of customers. Giving new customers the ultimate Scentsy experience will bring you countless referrals and people who gravitate to your passion.  Most consultants find that family and friends that weren’t interested in the beginning, circle back around once they watch you stick to your commitment.

Get out of the comfort zone and expand your business! You will book parties, have a full calendar and of course keep your friends.

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