Boss Time Management Tips – Be More Productive

Did you realize that every time we become distracted, that it can take on average, 15 minutes to regain focus on whatever we were working on? Imagine how fast that would add up?

Let’s be honest girl. Shit adds up quickly. Before you know it, you’ve blinked and you can’t list anything you’ve accomplished. It’s time for some of my best tips that will actually boost your productivity and lessen the feeling you get daily when you feel like your to list is growing and not shrinking. I

Acknowledge where your Time is going.

One of the first things, I always say to my team or my clients is, “Are you ready to be honest with yourself?” You must sit down and acknowledge where your time is going. You must be ready to correct the issue. Are you wasting time aimlessly scrolling through social media? Is your mid afternoon crash crippling your productivity? Do you need to limit your group chats with your tribe on messenger? Skip the unproductive Marco Polo sessions?  Should you cut down on Netflix & weekly shows during the week nights? Tracking my time was the single best thing I did. It gave me a sense of how much time I was wasting and when I was the most productive. My goal has been for along time to be much more productive in the morning, so I knew I had to be ready to shine a light on areas through out my day that were ready for some changes.

Write It Down

You are in the middle of self-care time in the morning. You are working out and all you can think about is the issue you have to handle at noon. You know that thing you have to tell your down line. Stay with me here for a minute.

You are going thru the motions of reading your book, lifting your weights, meditating and you can’t focus on anything because all you area thinking about is trying not to forget exactly what you have to tell your up line at noon.  The meeting comes, you check off self care on your to do list, but you don’t even remember what you read, what you lifting or body part you moved and you certainly can’t remember what you were suppose to tell your up line.

If something is on your mind, you simply need to make it a habit to write it down or put it in your phone. Keep it in a place you will see it, or create a new habit of checking those notes whenever you finish the last task. When you don’t take note of things that pop into your head, you get distracted and in turn, you will waste time. You must be present in whatever you are doing at the moment and you must finish one task at a time. I can’t tell you how many times, I went to finish this blog post only to think of something or a text to pop up. If you want to feel great about finishing what you are working on, you must focus on where you are and write things down that you need to come back to.

When it comes to writing things down, do what works best for you. I always have a cute note pad or hell, even a yellow legal pad next to me,  for those random mid-day oh shit I need to do that right now moments. I also have a note section in my notes app where I can jot down items when I’m away from my desk or if I think of something when I’m curled up in bed. When I’m using apps on my phone, I always make sure I use one that will sync with my google calendar. My calendar is my bible and I know I will check that a few times a day to keep me on track. I like confidently knowing  knowing that everything is stored in one place.

Schedule Accordingly

A key to using your time efficiently is to stop wasting your peak productivity hours on minuscule tasks. Figure out when you are the most productive. For me, normally, it is at night but I am really working hard to shift this from morning to early afternoon.  For you, it may be 5 pm but regardless of when it is, figure out when you can press go and have full energy and focus to finish the things you want to accomplish.  Use the low energy hours of your day for the monotonous tasks.

I use my google calendar for every single action I do. From reading to journaling, to working out, to going live. Its on my calendar. If its not scheduled, it doesn’t exist. Start Time Blocking to document and figure out exactly where your time is going. Once you know you can start cutting things out and moving things around.

Time doesn’t Work Unless You Take Action

Being hungry, stressed and overtired all disable your productivity levels. This is why we focus so much on self-care in my team training and in our free community.   

You will only be able to manage your time well if you are at your best, so don’t make the mistake of not penciling in self care. Everything goes on my google calendar and my self care occurs from 7-10 every day. That includes working out, reading, gratitude, taking care of my dogs and just enjoying the quiet. Self-care NEEDS to be a priority that has a permanent spot on your to-do list.

They all disable your productivity levels. Time management will only work if you are at your best so don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pencil in time for your mind and body. Self-care should be a priority that has a permanent spot on your to-do list. Watch for our next blog post on some great ways to incorporate self care.

the night before 

As you wind down for the night, set yourself up for a successful and stress free day ahead. Pre pack your gym bag, lay out your work outfit and get your purse in order to grab and go in the morning. Before you put your head on your pillow, think ahead to the next day and review your schedule so you aren’t caught off guard as the day unfolds.

Time Batching

Everything in my day is time batched. It is a more simple, friendlier way to take full advantage of your concentration by grouping similar activities together and doing them all at the time time. The main benefits of using this technique is that it reduces your start up and slow down time, minimizes daily clutter and improves your focus.

So, what are some things you can time batch. Never fear, I have listed some things I time batch below.

1.  Emails: Oh how I hate emails?  It completely stresses me out. But time batching has kept my feet on the ground and gave myself permission to be the most productive even with 100 emails.  Instead of checking your email 15 times a day, check it once or maybe twice a day and be done with it.  By setting aside a batch of time to solely focus on emails AND NOTHING ELSE you will be amazed at your productivity level. I open my emails in the morning for about 15 minutes and before I go to bed. I refuse to get sucked into emails and yeah girl, my email notifications are OFF.
2. Running errands: Fill the tank with gas and do all your errands on one day. Normally for me, that day is Wednesdays. Mainly because I know Homegoods gets a new shipment and I’m kind of addicted to cozy space decor.
3.  Social media: If you are in Direct Sales, guess what you are an influencer. With that, you should be making it a goal to connect with a lot of people and making conversation via DM or messenger.  I suggest time batching a slot to answer DM’s + comments instead of doing it throughout the day.
4. Brainstorming: Schedule uninterrupted time dedicated to brainstorming / thinking. When creating online content, blogs, videos, you can’t just run around with your tail between your legs. You need to plan. Plan for planning. It makes a difference.
5. Household chores: Cleaning? Meal prep? Laundry? Yup, you guessed it. Do that all in one day or at least make it so you only have to do slight pick up at night.
6.  Personal time: However, you would like to spend your personal free time, do so and yup plan it. I make it clear to my team, clients, partners that Sunday is Football day and yup its scheduled and batched.
7. Conference/Training calls/Going LIVE: Yup the times to be live on camera or on the phone should be batched too. Going Live and showing up for my team, my partner and my customers are some of the top priorities in my business. I do as many of these at time as possible and I plan them together. Why waste make up going LIVE for one video when you can do 3 or 4. Plan accordining.

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Kick butt this week, ILY guys!

xoxo, Jilleysue

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