Brand You, Not What You Sell

Personal Branding

When it comes to Social Media are you branding yourself to your company? Meaning, do you have any main social profile with your company name or specific product? 


“Jill McCarthy Scentsy”

“Scentsy with Jilleysue”

“Washer Whiffs with Jilleysue”. 

I see it daily. Network Marketing business owners that box themselves into what they sell and what company they are with. They have secondary Facebook pages, Instagram accounts….all surrounding……yup what they sell.

Let me give you a scenario….just listen.

Let’s say I am a new consultant with a company that’s starting focus is fragrance. I’ve been with them now for three years and that is the only industry they have been in. But then the company is ready to move forward and expand. They break into the organic/natural category. And then three years after that, they break into having baby products. During the entire time, I have remained with the company.

Now let’s really take a look at this. Let’s say when I started with the company, my profile name, or business name on social media was, “Wickless Jilleysue”. This doesn’t seem like such a problem right? Let’s fast forward to three years later when our company now brings in to the baby products. It doesn’t seem like a big deal considering it is somewhat in the same field, so let’s adjust the name to “Family Fragrance with Jilleysue.” 

Now, fast-forward three more years and we start with another product. This is now a completely different shift and direction that I can take with my business. I can try to tie them all together, but I have now grown my following to over 15,000 followers on multiple platforms. Changing the name again is going to confuse people. But what if I decided completely to change companies and go into a service-based company. What do I do with the 15,000+ people that have been following me for home decor products? They’ve been relying on me for that value and information about that for the past 11 years. How do I change it over to me now doing wellness? Do you see the problem I’m having here? 

I see this way too often when it comes to the network marketing industry. People get caught up with who they are with and what they sell, then what they PERSONALLY will offer their followers. Then these companies start to expand or do other things and business owners are stuck with weirdly branded names that have nothing to do with their new business.  You want your following to come to you because they like you, know you, and trust you. They want to support whatever it is that you’re offering now and that is what’s important. At the end of the day, people are there to do business with you, not what it is that you have to offer. 

So what do you do? BRAND YOURSELF!! Unless you have a company created within a specific niche, your business pages need to be your name. You are the person. You are the brand. You are the one representing the products and services you use. At the end of the day, it won’t matter which direction you go in or what direction your company goes it. YOU ARE YOU! You brand you. You offer the value that you have. The key to all of this is, so many of you are trying to SELL instead of share value. You are trying to “ADVERTISE” in everything you do or post and quite honestly….people don’t want anything to do with those type of accounts.

When you’ve branded yourself, you are the main brand, and whatever it is that you’re offering is just something you use and love.

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