Building a Community in Your Direct Sales Business

There are quite a few things most Direct Sales Consultants love about their business but the one that they all have in common is their love for people. Building a successful Direct Sales business since the beginning has always been about  the consultant  who goes the extra mile, the one who goes above and beyond for their hostesses and customers. The one who cares more and who gives more is the one who WINS!

Direct Sales has changed a little bit since the early days. Now there is the wild world of Social Media. Not only can we create community in people’s homes, but there is ONLINE and through our teams.  Quite a few “get it” but so many are just missing the mark that will push their business to the next level. The great ones are building a community. They are not just selling their products, they are helping people grow and providing something that will contribute to their lives, their self improvement. They are investing and making their customers and team better people. They are providing value.

Most of us know how Direct Sales works. Consultants sell products and then businesses start growing when they start building their teams.  The way some some consultants are making themselves different from others is they are BUILDING COMMUNITIES. The first way communities are built is:

Investing, Training, and Caring about a Team. Each member of a team adds something special to the community. Direct Sales is more than just buying and selling products, it turns into a self improvement course. To watch how teams take shape, how people grow, care, laugh, and cry is something that is truly amazing. Simply taking that extra minute to get involved in team member’s lives, write thank you notes, post of their walls creates a team environment that continues to become stronger and stronger. As each consultant grows and changes, people they know see that and usually want the same thing for themselves.

Next is creating a Sense of Belonging: Everyone wants to belong and everyone wants to be a part of something. From Team shirts to Group pages to pictures of teams together can have such a strong affect on others. As we spoke of above, people want to be happy, they want to be involved in things that create happiness. We were created to want to belong with others. Direct Sales provides that environment. Build your team unity strong. Stay in Contact. Provide monthly 30 minute contact calls with each front line member. An incredible tool is You can block in time that you are available and allow your team to pick when they want their block of time with you. This creates a strong team bond when each team member knows they will get a set time with you that is only theirs. As your team grows, maybe you only want to do this with your leaders. The choice is yours based on how much time you have. Train your team to do the same.

Make a Difference in the Community: Teams have the ability to do great things. Yes YOU can do a fundraiser but a team of 100, 1000, 10000 can times a fundraiser by THAT many. Spread your community wide. Do great things. Doing things for other people makes people feel good.

Online Community and using Social Media. Although we have talked a lot about building your community with your team. Don’t forget to build your community online. So many consultants have fan pages, twitter pages, you tube channels and the common mistake is constant posting about their businesses on every single post. Although it takes 7-8 times to get customers to remember you are providing a product or service, if you flood their news feed with nothing but your business, people will tune you out. You must provide value which can be anything from laughter, inspiration, content, and news to name a few. Take a minute and invest in your customers lives. Go to their pages, check in, see what is going on with them, send them a message, let them know you are thinking of them and most importantly, make sure it is genuine.

Building a community whether it is with your team, hostesses or customers will explode your business. People are attracted to people who care about them, who listen to them and who go the extra mile.

What will you do today to go the extra mile not just for your business but for the people?