Business Video – How Video Can Grow Your Business Business

Growing your Direct Sales Business Video Library Will Get Eyes on your Business

People ask me constantly how to grow their Direct Sales presence online and I normally get the same reaction every time. From the rolling of the eyes to the, “Oh I don’t do video.”  Truth is people love videos. Video consumption will double in 2018 and is predicted to quadruple. People just don’t want to read. They would rather watch a quick video to get the content they are looking for. That could be for entertainment, for motivation or for business. Video along with Live Streaming and short snippets like Instagram stories, Facebook stories and Snapchat will continue to grow in popularity this year.

Videos Get Results

Videos initially might not directly bring in money but fact is the matter. Your videos are going to get many more eyeballs on what you are trying to market compared to those duplicated Scentsy flyers or average text post. Videos can boost your Facebook page, your website and let’s be honest, we all know the benefits of You Tube if you take things to the level of getting to a consistent You Tube uploading schedule.

Videos Recreate the In-Store Experience People

Since the digital age has allowed consumers to shop or inquire about joining your  team from the comfort of their home, people have have lost the ability to actually feel, play with, and see products in person. That includes also connecting with you. We all know that having home parties is the best way to connect with people, but a smart business owner also knows that we live in the day of Social Media and video so we must not shut off that outlet as well.  When it comes to marketing online, we have to find a way to touch people’s hearts, and get them to feel like they have met us and know us.  Video is ultimately how we do that. Whether it be posting a short video to your Facebook Fan page, or 15 seconds on Instagram. Video is vital to helping your customers and team members feel connected to you.  Your customers can see how your business works, what you love about and it brings your story to life. A simple flyer will never do that. People are curious and want the inside scoop of how and you love your business and how it fits in your life.

Videos are Fun for You and Your Customers

Getting started with video can be pretty exciting once you get your creative juices flowing. Instead of typing away at a blog post, figuring out just the right words to perfectly describe how amazing your business is or explaining your tip of the day,  you can make a video that brings your  passion to life.  This is a great way to let loose, show your personality, your sass,  and go wild when you conjure up all your creative energies and make an awesome video that your team, or your customers will want to watch.

Video Marketing is New-Age Marketing

Since social media has redefined marketing, videos are an integral part of your success online. People do business with who they know, like and trust. Flyer or Blog marketing will just not show your personality and get people to connect with you. Cross-promoting your videos with all the other content you have is a powerful way to strengthen the different signals you are sending to customers.  For example, you can create a one minute video for your team, but you can also share a snippet on Instagram, post it on your fan page to help other Scentsy Consultants and even post in within your blog as part of your video blogging strategy. The possibilities are endless.

A successful video marketing plan  requires consistency and an effort every day, week or month to make sure your audience knows when and where your content will be posted. It isn’t enough to post one video on You Tube and hope it does well.  Share your videos on your  Facebook Fan page and Twitter accounts; incorporate them into some of your blog posts; and include them in your next email newsletter.  Don’t be afraid to start small, making videos on your phone and then maybe expanding to something more in depth. Of course it is true that the better quality the video, the better it usually does, but it really is about the content and providing information that you know your audience wants to know about.

While creating videos for your Direct Sales  Business is not a one-stop solution to fame and fortune, the power of video is undeniable.  It allows people to connect with  you and shows off your personality. Keep watching my blog for more How To’s on making simple videos with your phone, what lighting to use and even some basic editing so you too can start planning your Scentsy video strategy. Check out my You Tube and some of my favorite Consultant friends below who are rocking it.

Some of my Favorite Scentsy You Tubers:

Jill McCarthy, Scentsy Super Star Director

Katie Farner, Scentsy Super Star Director

Christina Stainbrook, Scentsy Super Star Director

Kimberly Pulito, Scentsy Director

Now just because these You Tube Channels are pretty elaborate doesn’t mean you can’t get started. Start off small. Try these beginner videos:

Send a video message to a friend

Send a video message to a teammate or a customer

Post a one minute video on your team page

Post a 30 second Thank you on your fan-page

Getting started there and as you start to feel more comfortable on camera, you can start to branch out into the You Tube world. It doesn’t matter where you start, just get started. Video isn’t going away and it can be a vital part in people finding your Scentsy business all across the world.

Are you on video? What tips do you tell your teams or beginners just starting out. I would love to hear and don’t forget to follow me on our Scentsy Facebook page for more Social Media tips, tricks and products news.