Personal Branding

Brand You, Not What You Sell

When it comes to Social Media are you branding yourself to your company? Meaning, do you have any main social profile with your company name or…

Instagram Tips

50 Instagram Content Ideas

1. SHARE YOUR MORNING ROUTINE How do you choose to start your day? Share it with people. Yes, this is something they actually like to know.…

Facebook LIve Partys

Facebook Live Event Tips

There are two types of consultants. One who has no idea how powerful a Facebook event could be for their business or the consultant who completely…

Scentsy Home Office

The History of Scentsy

The History Of Scentsy-Updated May 2020 Scentsy Inc. is a wickless candle warmer company founded in 2004, and based in Meridian, Idaho. Our company offers various…

Scentsy Launch Party

Your Online Launch Event

An online launch event is the key to letting everyone know about your new home based business and fast! It is truly the first thing you…