Choosing a Direct Sales Sponsor

Choosing a Direct Sales Sponsor

Whether you choose a local or out of state Direct Sales sponsor, your journey can be amazing either way. It really depends on what you need as a consultant.  Before joining any direct sales business,  that first thing you need to determine. How much help or support do you think you will need and are you the type of person who is fine with getting online support. Let me share with you how I got support when I joined and what you should do to determine what type of sponsor you will need.

Here are some tips for how to choose your Direct Sales sponsor no matter what location they are in and no matter what company they are with.

1.  Interview a couple of consultants.  Consultants should expect to be interviewed by YOU.  You should meet or talk on the phone with the consultant and be sure your questions are answered.  Ask about their style of leading, how training will work, their personal experiences with their particular company.

2.  Friendship vs. Personal Need:  I have met a lot of people who sign up under a good friend.  Understandable.  I probably would feel the need to do this too if any of my friends happened to be in the company I was interested in.  Sometimes this can be a really great relationship.  You can support each other, share product etc.  However, if your personality needs a more experienced or professional relationship with a consultant sponsor, you may want to consider interviewing some other consultants to see who will meet your needs.

3.  Consider location:  You can choose someone who is in your area or out of state. It depends on your personal need. Most of my team are out of state and I will be willing to bet, most of them say I go over the top as far as making sure they get the training and support they need.  Some people will want to look for a sponsor in their own area.  This can work well, you have someone close by to help you, can attend local meetings, training etc.  You may want to consider, choosing a consultant who is out of town if you are looking for a particular style of leadership and experience within the company.  Some people like having a sponsor who doesn’t live close by because then they truly feel they are running their own business and have a support person (sponsor) available as needed but not next door.  ANY consultant can be your sponsor…so you can choose one who is out of state or one that is close by. It all depends on what your needs are.

4.  Ask your particular sponsor about their contact policy.  Are they available by phone, text or e-mail most days?  How quickly do they respond to questions?  This will be important to you as you are growing your business.  If you can’t reach your sponsor for questions this may be really discouraging especially at the beginning.

5.  Find out what type of training they offer.  Especially if they are out of state.  For example,  if you don’t live by your sponsor, they can still offer a lot of support and education to you via e-mails, the training programs they would recommend, books, audio CDs to listen to etc.  Some direct sales sponsors do not do a lot of training with their consultants and this can be frustrating if you are the type of person who is expecting that.

The bottom line is you do not have to choose the first person you know who sells in the direct sales company you are looking at to work to sponsor you.  Because many companies will not let you change sponsors….be sure you have the right one to fit your need! I know we all get excited to get started, but really taking a little bit of extra time in this area can pay off.

When I chose my Direct Sales Sponsor

I did choose an out of state sponsor and I didn’t use it as an excuse to not be successful. It is beyond possible and in my eyes and in many ways, better.   I jumped on board the Scentsy Train FULL FORCE. I started showing the night light I ordered and before I even got my kit, I started placing orders. I found the catalog online, printed it out and started showing all the night lights like mine . I their hit the Fast Start Awards in about 10 days and I think and my kit came 6 days after joining. I was selling before I even received my kit. People gravitate to a person’s excitement. I shared my company with everyone I knew and didn’t have a single sample yet.

When you find a consultant on line and you think they would be great to help you on your journey but you then notice they are out of state, it is OK.  You can still choose them and rock your business.

Getting started with your business and your Direct Sales sponsor

Listed below are some things that I did even though I was in Florida and my up line was in Maine and Utah. I grabbed the bull by the horns and did it on my own. Doing so helped me become a stronger leader and am now able to show my team what to do and where to find things without calling on my up line for everything.

  1. Research, Research, Research. Everything we need is at our finger tips. I was on the computer for hours. I started writing down other Director’s names when I heard them on the Training Calls. I wanted to follow everything they did.
  2.  I googled my conpany and started reading everything I could. I found forms, tip, articles and highlighted everything I wanted to incorporate in my business.
  3. I followed my up line’s lead. If they sent me a card or anything, I wrote down when I got it and what it was for. Then as I started building my team, I started doing the same thing.
  4. I typed in my company name on google and found things people had made such as documents, flyers, etc. Why reinvent the wheel? Do what the great ones do.
  5. I looked up pictures of tote parties. I went to you tube and watched videos.
  6. I found anything I could and just kept compiling how the great ones were succeeding.
  7. I watched every training video on my company site.
  8. I listened to every call on my way home from work, or while walking on the tread mill or driving to a city for work or while I was getting ready in the bathroom in the morning.
  9. I read tons of Direct Sales articles on how to be an incredible sponsor.
  10. I found people on Facebook. I watched what they were posting to family and friends.
  11. I created a business folder on my desktop with everything I needed for recruiting letters/forms, Welcome letters/forms, Photos, Events, Flyers, Forms. Etc. I organized everything so that when I needed to send some my welcome kit, I could find it on my computer in seconds.
  12. If I found things other Leaders did, I emailed them to see if they would share their information. Everyone emailed me back. That is true leadership.
  13. Huge thing…I read the policy and procedure handbook so I knew what we can and cannot do. I wanted to know what I was talking about.

Everything is right in front of you.. Yes its great to have someone walk us through everything but with a little bit of effort on a computer, everything we need and more is seconds away.

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time right away for home parties so I focused on learning, recruiting and tote parties. When things got crazy because we were moving, I did something to prep my business. I made stickers, I labeled something, I did research. Anything so that when I finally moved and things slowed down for me personally, I would have everything I needed to be in full swing.

We all have lots of thingsx going on but if when you are all watching American Idol or Dancing with the stars …you can label or organize at the same time, you will be one step ahead. I had a few questions here and there that I emailed to my up line but for the most part, I knew that if I could self teach myself,….. I would remember everything way better and be able to really understand what I was training people to do.

It’s a fact if you do something yourself rather than someone doing it for you, you’ll remember and be even better.

Obstacles can looked at as learning experiences or they can drag you down. One person may see having no hands on help as an impediment and another may see it as motivation to do better and shine brighter. Its’ really our choice but the tools are there, some are handed to us and some we may have to dig for but the rewards are always AMAZING!

Join Scentsy

Be yourself and be original. People see right thru it if you are not authentic. When I tried other companies, I was not myself.  I simply was not interested in what I was sharing and I was trying to be someone I was not. With my company, it is easy to share because I love it. I talk about how excited I am, how amazing the products are and how I grateful I am for the journey. Next thing I know, they want to know why I am so excited and then they are taking a tote party home or scheduling a friends night.

Be the same with your team. Don’t treat people on your team differently because of their level or what they have sold. See your group as a team of people who are looking at you to help them be as successful as you are. Everyone has a dream and being a part of someone’s dream could quite honestly be one of the most special experiences possible.  If someone calls you and you can’t get to them right away, pick a time when you can dedicate your time to them. Let them know you are all theirs. Sponsor like you would want to be sponsored. Be reliable, share your knowledge. It always come back around.

I love my business.  I love the people. I get excited every single day when I think about what I know is coming my way. I am inspired everyday when I hear how my company is changing things for people and I truly love the feeling I get when someone I share my company with brings a smile to their face and says “ I have a dream too and this can really happen.

No matter what company or sponsor you choose, you can make this happen. It’s all a choice. Dare to be amazing and dare to dream but determine what you need and choose your Direct Sales Sponsor carefully.

I would love to talk with you about starting your own home business. Out of state or right next door, I make it my priority to help you with everything you need to be a ROCKSTAR Contact me or CLICK HERE