Don’t Get Sucked into and Comparison

Unhealthy Competition

“As with any type of business, competition can be good if it is used a motivating factor for you to work harder and smarter. However, competition can also be very bad for your business and your health if it isn’t kept in-check.

What do I mean? Well, over the years I have seen various influencers and business owners , get downright mean and ugly when it came to competing for the same customers or new team members.

I have seen consultants fight with each other in Facebook groups, I have seen them fight with one another on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and I have seen them bash one another via blogging and emails. Holy Cow! Yes folks, this does happen.

What to do with competitive consultants?

My advice for all of you is to stay out of it and don’t do it! If you feel like you are competing with another consultant then use that “feeling” to work harder and smarter. Don’t let it fester into something spiteful and hateful. If you feel angry or hurt with that person or company it is best kept to yourself and just work your business harder.

There is no need to get caught up in the rat race that others sometimes thrust upon us. Getting caught up in an unhealthy competition can damage your health (high stress levels) and can damage your business if others see you participating in an unhealthy and unprofessional competition.

Some people by nature are just very competitive and they will do anything and everything to succeed. While I understand wanting to succeed, I believe success comes to those who work hard and do so in a professional and ethical manner.

So the next time someone online starts throwing stones at you or trying to thrust upon you an unhealthy competition, just hold your head high and walk away! Always keep your business ethics and professionalism in-check and you will go much further than the mud slinger in the long run.”

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