Consistent Year Round Direct Sales Business

CustomersConsistent Year Round Direct Sales Business

Regardless of what products you sell, the home party business is a year-round enterprise.

Consultants that rely on their sales revenue for regular income do not want to see the flow of money stop because sales are seasonal.

There are just as many good reasons to host an event in the summer as there are in the winter. When you know the ways to keep your home party business going all year long, you will start to realize the benefits of ongoing income.

Sales Consultant Belief – Shatter the Misconception

As a consultant, you come into contact with a lot of people that carry the misconception that your business only operates on a seasonal basis. Business success is often based on perception, and you can change that perception by letting people know that you work all year long.

When you talk to people about scheduling events, remind them that you run a year-round business. Find ways of scheduling events during months that many people think you are not operating. Include small phrases such as “offering year-round service” on all of your literature; that helps to corect the misconception that your business is seasonal.

What Sells Seasonally?

Momentum is a big part of maintaining a year-round business. Keep comprehensive sales data on what sells seasonally at all of your parties and events will help in future years. What are your best selling items are and how many of those items you commonly sell. When you find yourself ready to schedule an event at a time that is not traditionally busy, use these hot-selling products in your advertising to gain interest in the event. Attendees who see strong attendance at events scheduled during off-peak months will start to lose the part-time notion of your business.

Direct Sales Marketing

As soon as you stop marketing your direct sales business, consumers will begin to think that you are done for the year. When the traditional slow months start to come up in the calendar, you should maintain your marketing efforts. Stay in front of people by hosting as many events as possible and continue to get marketing materials out to prospective customers.

One of your strongest sources of income and new clients is your referral network. Keep working your referral network on a full-time basis all year round. Do not let people tell you that an event will not work because of the time of year. You need to stay focused and keep your business in front of people to keep it going.

Being a year round home party plan consultant means never letting up on your marketing efforts and filling your calendar all year long. When people realize that you work the entire year, you will start to see your business prosper.

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Consistent with Scentsy

One thing I have always loved about Scentsy is the fact that it appeals to everyone. Men love it for their man caves or offices. Children can have them in their room with out Moms worried about if a fire will start or a child will be hurt, Seniors can have them, College students in their dorm. Because Scentsy is loved by so many, marketing efforts can stay in full force year round. Scentsy makes the perfect gift for birthday’s, housewarmings, anniversaries, bridal showers, just because gifts. You can market Scentsy year round to Realtors, apartment complexes, schools. Scentsy is also the perfect fundraiser. Great in the summers and perfect in Fall.

Direct sales is great because a Consultant can of course take the time of that they would like but when every month is marketed in full force, your customer base will stay strong and customers will have their own personal Scentsy Consultant year round.