Cozy Self Care Winter Rituals

I visit my home state of Maine every Christmas and after a week, I honestly think to myself, ” How the heck can anyone do this for 7 months.” Thankfully I live in Florida and we see plenty of sunshine but I wanted to post this week about a few of a few of my common practices that I follow even living here. I definitely think they could help those people that are living in those less than sun shiney places.

Self-care is something that I value a l lot. I have gotten way more consistent at keeping my self care habits in place mainly because I definitely notice that I am much more productive when I do. I may not be able to complete all of my favorites on a daily basis but over the last year, I haven’t missed doing at least 1-2.

If you are in those cold, dark places right now, self care is even more necessary too stay positive and productive. The holidays are over and now my friend, there is more time to to commit to a few extra self care activities.

Here are a few of my favorites:

20-30 Minute Walk: That’s it. It’s not that complicated but it can make all the difference in the world. Pick a playlist and try to clear you mind with some fresh air. Since I haven’t fit in my normal exercise routine yet, a walk is mandatory. It gives me a ton more energy and I just feel like my body thanks me. Make this part of your normal day and yes even if its cold outside. 20 minutes will walk you up in that cold, brisk air.

Fragrance: I don’t use candles anymore or, yes you’d see candles here but I do love to change my Scentsy wax warmers and definitely my diffusers. The diffusers will flicker a warm light and it just is so relaxing to have gorgeous light in my favorite rooms. My neighbors must think we stay up all night with all of my warmers on but I just love them and they make me feel a ton more cozy. Choose your favorite fragrance and snap that light on. Instant mood booster.

Gratitude Journal: I talk about my gratitude journal a lot. I use the 5 minute journal and I start my days and end my nights making sure that I focus on what I am grateful for. It’s as easy as jotting down 5 things you are grateful for before bed and maybe what you plan to do to make the next day even better.  A cheap notebook is only a few dollars. Start there.

A Spa Day: There is nothing more relaxing that spending a few hours getting a facial or a massage. Something for you. Groupon has deals all the time. A relaxed, happy you is a better more productive you. Stop believing that wellness days are only deserved on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Commit to a spa day every couple of months.

Tea: I recently cut out coffee and gosh I miss it but I forgot how many great caffeine free teas there are out.  If you are wanting to relax, grab a chamomile tea or Chai. I really like peppermint or some of the fruity ones too. Take 5 minutes to just sit alone and breath.

Meditation: Lack of sunlight can really give people negative thoughts. Every morning, I usually sit with my pups outside and take in the sun light. For those of you with out that, you need to work extra hard to really focus on mindset and being in a good head space. Repeat your affirmations. Let go of everything for just a few minutes so that you can get to a place where you can get done the things you need to.

Cozy self care in the winter months matters. It matters all year long but if your day light disappears by 4:30 and you are really struggling, make it a point to change a few things and see if it helps. And remember, every day, you get one extra minute towards day light.

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