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What A Cozy Space Means To Me?

A cozy space is not just a room you walk into it. Its about that feeling of warmth, happiness and just being in a good place. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I highlight not only easy decor ideas but a huge part of wanting a cozy space is also feeling cozy on the inside. This means mindset, lifestyle, health, wellness and so much more.

In 2018, I found that I really enjoyed sharing with you not only business & social media tips but my shopping trips, my decorating ideas as well as my struggles recently. And my love for wellness & self care.

In everything I have ever been inspired by, even adversity, it has been my goal to inspire and help someone else. To give ladies hope and the power to believe that they can do anything if they just put themselves out there and try.

For 10 years, I have always done things a certain way. Even though I started my businesses doing things differently than everyone else, I still didn’t feel complete. I felt like, “something just hasn’t feel right.” I have no idea what day I was scrolling, who I was watching but then all of the sudden, things just clicked. I started just sharing what I really loved or what I was struggling with and truly telling a story. When this happened, the brain fog lifted, for once I didn’t dread planning this blog post and I started to get excited again. If I can be honest, everything I have been teaching all my clients to do, I wasn’t doing. I wasn’t ignoring the chatter and simply following my heart.

The truth is that people that aren’t over complicating their personal brand and just being themselves are the ones that are creating the most amazing personal brand out there. I laid in bed one morning and thought, “Wow, I really don’t like to create Social Media content, I don’t want to create courses, and ebooks and conduct webinars.” Eek. That was scary to say. (even scarier to type) .

I do love training LIVE and being up front and personal. I love getting to know people and helping to make a difference in their lives. This thought made sense as to why I love the mastermind I have in place. A live weekly training where I help other home based business owners realize their true potential and do really scary things. Aside from that, my joy comes from sharing and blogging and inspiring others to live the life that truly makes THEM happy. I gotta tell you, being honest with yourself, although so very scary is a truly cozy place

For the first time ever writing this blog post, I don’t have anxiety where my fingers feel stiff typing. For the first time ever, I jumped up today so excited about where this road will take me. Consistency wins but first you need to figure out what you want to do because you can’t be consistent if you are miserable doing things you have tricked yourself into thinking you love.

So many cool things are coming in 2019. I will be focused on this blog, my podcast, my Instagram account and of course Facebook. I will share with you my favorite decor tips, my health and wellness journey along with a story that might have you a bit surprised and of course my quirky personalty that I realize some might not like but…. its me. Love me or unfollow me! 🙂 

I won’t be everyone’s cup of celery juice LOL and that is OK. Not everyone likes celery juice. (See my Instagram account for the reference). The truth is every time I took step closer to posting the things I wanted to post, talking about things that mattered to people, I would get scared and definitely second guess myself. Yup you know, “Well I don’t have things to post like HER account. Why would they want to hear from me when she has 68K followers? Who do I think I am to be talking about these things?” But ………… the #1 thing I repeat in my influencer training is that the minute you go thru something or learn something, you gain the expertise to talk about it. YOU have a voice that someone will connect with. When you believe that, you go in the direction of FEAR and beyond that mountain is where you will find fulfillment.  

It can be extremely scary to put yourself out there. I have been online training and sharing for almost 12 years and I still have found myself holding back because of fear of being judged. Know this, there are people out there that will love and appreciate everything you do but if you don’t take those baby steps forward, you will never see that. You will build actual community and friendships online. So many think that is weird but that is because they don’t know or understand Facebook, Instagram or the Blogging community but once you get going……it is easy to see, you will be a part of something really special. 

And so, you may see quite a bit less “online marketing” chatter from me this year unless you are in the Mastermind. I’ve been a Social Media Coach since 2010 and I still love helping people shorten the learning curve and learn to run a home based business without doing 30 home parties a month. YES, trust me YES you can be successful without  shelping rolling bags from house to house especially with the internet at our finger tips, but I have recently found that I love sharing other things more. I could be completely wrong. I could be way off my mark but the one thing I have always inspired my team and clients to do is try new things, take risks and go in the direction of fear because when you do……. You are one step closer to living the life that makes YOU happy!! Isn’t THAT the COZY SPACE we are all striving to get to?

Here is to 2019 and truly living the life that brings you the ultimate joy. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing what I am doing or dare to make changes. I can’t wait for you to travel along with me! I am so blessed and thankful for all of you and how many of you love and appreciate what I do. There truly are no words that can THANK YOU enough.

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