The Good In Everyone In Direct Sales

The Direct Sales Start

When I joined Direct Sales, I didn’t join to make money or sell anything. I didn’t even join for a discount. I did it to have something that was my own. I was living in Florida by myself with all of my family and friends in Maine. Life was not good and I had nothing that felt like it was my own. I dabbled around, pretended to do the work and never really made a dollar but I was meeting people and finally talking to people online, making my own friends instead of sitting in my bed, feeling sorry for myself. I was wasting my life trying to control a situation that couldn’t be controlled.

Gaining Confidence in Direct Sales

It was only when I started promoting and gaining confidence in Direct Sales, enough to go to events that I became less scared of what I couldn’t control. I worked really hard, learning as much as I could, as fast as I could. I have never had a mentor close to me. I always just learned things on my own. I could have reached out more, asked more questions, asked for help but I CHOSE to do things and learn things alone. BIG POINT THERE: Were my sponsors “bad” because they didn’t reach out or was I the one who made it clear, “I can do it.”

Cheer Your Direct Sales Mentor on Instead of Tearing Them Down

Can this industry provide financial gain for people? Of course it can but for me, it has always been about the personal connection and the friendships. There is always backlash it seems when someone earns a trip or makes a little money. Always the haters that say, “oh she makes money off me, or she didn’t deserve that” Fact is, there is no bigger critic of ourselves than our self. I think we can all say that. I always think I can give more, be more do more. I already know that there are times when I haven’t been a great mentor. I already know when things have been bad personally, I should have set it aside and still been a great mentor. I know most of you can relate to that. I promise you before you tell a sponsor they stink, they already are telling themselves that. We are pretty hard on ourselves instead of cheering ourselves on. It always astonishes me when the biggest critics of us, aren’t providing what they want in their own mentor to their own team. It seems the same as parenting, you know the parents that will tell you how to raise your child but theirs is running around Wal-mart ripping products off the shelves.

Fact is what we put out, we usually feel about ourselves or what we complain about in a person most is the trait we wish we had. Are there people out there that really bug you but you don’t know why? Try to take a step back and say why don’t I like this person? Try to find the things that are great about the person. There is good in EVERY SINGLE PERSON. We may not all mesh together as a perfect puzzle but there IS GOOD.

Break the Cycle in Direct Sales

Are you complaining about your expectations but not really giving out what you expect in return? I use to say to my step daughter, don’t use your parents actions as an excuse for your behavior. Do better than they did. Break the cycle. Use what you learned by their actions to be a better person. I would say your parents did the best they could with the tools they had at the time. If they become better grandparents, well then they have improved enough to be better to YOUR kids and that is what matters. Life is about being better than you were yesterday.

break the cycle

Look for the good in everyone. Don’t deem someone “bad” because they make money from your effort. Don’t chalk a person as a crappy mentor when maybe there were under lying issues to how they conducted themselves. Truth be told, MOST consultants are not good communicators online. We hide behind computers or we don’t talk and then the story we tell ourselves about what other people MUST be thinking can be the DEVIL of our success. You have to get really good at knowing when you have given 150% to make situations better, wish them well and move on.

Sarah Robbins, top producer in Direct Sales always says “Work with the willing and Love the rest.” I love my critics. They have taught me what I need to be better at and what I need to let go of. I want nothing but success for them and every single person on this team. When I signed up with mentors that were far away or that I didn’t get what I expected, I had to accept responsibility for choosing them, and find more mentors who were in line with what I needed. It is not your mentors fault YOU chose them. Its not even their fault that they don’t provide YOU what YOU expect if you haven’t voiced that. Everyone deserves to make money and provide for their family. When we have the mentality of arrows in and how situations benefit US instead of how we can help others, our businesses never TRULY take off the way we want them too. When we concerns ourselves like a crazy person of how to beg, borrow and steal to sponsor team members or earn trips, things never really fall into place long term. You may earn that one incentive trip or beat everyone for that one event but if we really look at the CONSISTENCY of your team, I bet you will see instability. I know this for fact because until I changed my mindset, it was me.

Sarah Robbins

Every day is about improving, being a better person, correcting what you did wrong yesterday, making someone smile and making a difference. When you focus on that and making a small mark on someone’s life, it really is crazy what happens to your business. Some will believe it, some will not. My businesses have never been about dreaming of sitting on yacht or driving a Porsche, earning every incentive trip, or promoting as fast as anyone else. My business has always been around making as many lasting connections as I can because for me, THAT is SUCCESS. Others may feel differently but for me, that’s my recognition.

Let things go. Make crazy incredible friendships. Be nice to people and know that you don’t always know “their story”. Work with the welling, love the rest. No one can suck energy from you that you don’t allow and in turn, find what you like about a person to learn from instead of focusing on what you don’t like. EVERYONE IS GOOD!! Being mean or focusing on bad energy will bring bad energy back to you. Spend time with those people that make you feel warm and smiling inside. Wish the rest well and let them go. You are the creator of YOUR Destiny. YOU MAKE CHOICES for you!