Dealing with Difficult Party Plan Customers

Party Plan CustomersDealing with Difficult Party Plan Customers

Dealing with difficult Party Plan Customers is never easy. We all hope it doesn’t happen to us and even though your events are by invitation, there will still be the occasion where you will need to deal with someone who tries to interrupt your presentation, monopolize your time with a series of unnecessary questions or even make your presentation difficult with rude comments. One of the things you need to include in your direct sales business for all of your team members is how to deal with difficult people at an event.

There are several ways to deal with difficult customers that you and your associates should learn how to use.

Spotlight The Difficult Customer At The Party

One of the techniques you need to include in your party plan training is called “The Spotlight.” Most difficult customers like to make snide comments in the hopes that you will ignore them to try and complete your presentation. One way to stifle difficult people is to acknowledge them by asking if they have any specific questions and indicate that you will not continue with the presentation until all of their questions are answered. In most cases, the customers that are interested will step in and keep the difficult customer under control.

Rally The Interested Customers

If you have a particularly difficult customer who will not cooperate with your presentation, then you can address the problem by saying things such as “The rest of the group is interested in this information.” When you indicate that the majority of the group is attentive, that can get the rest of the group to focus on the problem customer and get her to either be quiet or leave. As long as your presentation and products spark interest in the majority of the clients, then you can use the interested customers to quiet the problem ones.

The Wise Guy Is Your Party Side Kick!

Many home party detractors feel that you are giving misinformation on products and they feel that they know more than you do. This is where a well-prepared presentation comes in very handy. If you cite facts in your presentation, then have copies of your source material with you. You also need to know your products inside and out to quiet detractors. The first time you show a wise guy (or gal) to be wrong will be the point when he or she stops being a problem.

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