The 20 Step Checklist for Marketing Your Direct Sales Business Online

direct sales social media

It’s amazing what you find when you clean up your office, as well as the much needed computer. I created this list over 9 years ago while I was working as a Social Media strategist for my corporate job. It is amazing that every step still holds true to rocking your direct sales business online.
There is no hidden recipe or secret. It is basic concepts that win. It just depends on who is willing to do the consistent work and flip their mindset to posting about what the customers want to see instead of what we want to see.

Its the concepts I teach and show ladies every day. Provide value, not things for sale. Evaluate accounts that you love and ask yourself why do you love them? Share your journey not a display table. Engage and build your community. Create your brand and consistently show up every single day. All of that is still the exact same.

Take it from me. I didn’t even follow my own advice all those years ago. I was every where half way instead of where my customers were. I was dabbling, comparing and making excuses instead of just showing up and focusing on my own community. Now people that had less of a community than me are 10 times my size because they stayed on track.

These steps won’t change in another 10 years. Decide where you want to be and show up. Show up with passion & excitement for sharing everything you know and have learned. Don’t look back. Don’t compare. Don’t question it. Just keep following this list.

Check out these twenty steps and post for your teams if they want the ultimate way to grow their business online. I pull it every month and I make sure I can check off every box. If I can’t I write down what I want to focus on for the month.

Don’t worry about where you could have been. Just start today. It’s not about the follower count. It’s truly about building the community!!

Here is the PDF for you to print & the photo above can be added to groups etc so that you can cover it in your next team meeting.

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