4 Free Tools to Create Amazing Direct Sales Graphics

Free Direct Sales Graphics Tools

Many of us struggle with what to post on Social Media and ask how do consultants come up with amazing  Graphics that are one of a kind? Most of us completely check out thinking there is no way, we could come up with half the designs we see on Facebook or Pinterest. Unfortunately, we still see some people who don’t even try to figure out how to create their own visual content and just take or alter content from others without permission. A big no no of course, but with so many people still doing this, I decided to write a post where any consultant can have access to a few of these FREE tools and create their own graphics with ease. The key to standing out in Social Media is having unique visuals that will only show up on your pages. Remember there are 120,000 other consultants. If every single one has the same graphics, standing out will not be easy. These tools are some of my favorites and will certainly take the stress off you from thinking about having to learn programs like Photo shop or hiring a graphics person.

My Favorite  Graphic Tools

1. PicMonkey

Probably the most popular of all is Picmonkey. Picmonkey makes creating  graphics easy and fun and it is a great place for beginners to get started. They make creating a simple text or quote file or even something more advanced something anyone can do. I have seen graphics done on Picmonkey that look as though a graphic designer has done them. From overlays to text files to boarders and more, the amount you can with this site is unlimited. There is a free version and also for a fee, you can add more choices that you can have access too. I also use Picmonkey a lot for most of my photo editing for thumbnails and blog post graphics. I highly recommend the paid version if it works in your budget, but if not the free version will be just fine for now. There are plenty of tutorials and easy to use instructions to help you get started in easy steps.



2. Canva

Canva should be defined as unlimited options for your  Graphics. There are tons of pictures and images to choose from and many of them are free. So again, if you need to stay in budget, you will not be short on choices. If you just love an image and its not free, it still will only run you $1.00. Yup just a dollar. Still way cheaper than other graphics pages. If you are like me, not only are graphics your weak point, but coming up with an idea when you have so many things to do is also a problem. Canva does the thinking for you. There are tons of ideas and placed in a variety of sizes. That is correct, they even take the “resizing” burden away.



3. RhonnaDesigns

Rhonna Designs is a mobile app but absolutely one of my favorite graphics apps. Now it is not free but for what you get for the price, it might as well. be. It is only $1.99. You are able to create easy graphics on the go that you can upload to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or anywhere. Once you download this, you will have all the tools right at your fingertips to be able to create beautiful  graphics anywhere. I create some of mine whenever I am waiting at the doctors office or picking your kids up from school. How about uplifting messages, specials, news or just to edit pictures that you have taken on your phone. You have to try this one out.

Rhonna Designs


4. PicCollage

PicCollage is another mobile app but it is completely Free and makes creating collages, and text overlays easy and customized. This app can be found on Apple and Androids and I have used it for years. Make your photos look adorable with text, stickers, frames and more. The cool thing is you are able to upload to Instagram or any Social Media platform right on the go or save them for later.  I usually create 9 or 10 at once and then save them for when I need to post on my platforms on the go. Once again, I hate spending time resizing, so pic collage allows you resize any photo from your gallery and simply have fun.



What Tools do you use for your  Graphics?

These four amazing tools are only a few of my favorites. There are quite a few more that are easy that I pay for that are very much worth the money but if you are just starting out, these are the ones that will fit in your budget to start creating original, gorgeous Scentsy Graphics so that you stand out. Be sure when you do start making graphics that you add your website or personal information so that when your graphics are shared, people will know who created and where to find you. Stay tuned for my blog post coming soon about my best photo editing apps.

What tools do you use to create your Scentsy graphics? Share your links over on my Facebook page. Interested in Starting your own  business? Click here for more information.