20 Tasks to Complete for Your Direct Sales Reboost

Do you need a Direct Sales REBOOST? Are you having a hard time? Are there issues within your company? Are team mates dropping off or going to other companies? Instead of the going in the direction of everything that seems to be going wrong. Its time to make a right turn and take control of your emotions and your life. It’s common in direct sales for things to go wrong, for personalities to clash or for you to be fighting fear and just be in a slump. I have those days too, but when they happen, I try to find articles or motivational quotes that will push me in the right direction. Direct Sales is not always rainbows and unicorns but it is always better than going to work for someone else. That in itself motivates me to get my butt off the couch and HUSTLE. Make your name known in direct sales and with your company. Brand YOU. Get up and lets do this!!

20 Ways to get back on track in your Direct Sales Business

#1. Generosity beats scarcity in every situation. Share your knowledge. Share what you know. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, think of ways things you do have can help others.

#2. If you’re the most successful person in every room, find a new room. Do you always let people know you are the top recruiter, top sales person? Are you always the top person in the room. Time to find a room with people better than you in it. Those are the people you will learn from.

#3. If you’re not up early, you’re sleeping too late. Get on a schedule. Start your day early and stay connected. Statistics show that those that sleep later, have a tendency of more frequently fighting depression.

#4. Epic performance has to do with getting good at saying no, then saying yes.  Just learn to say no. You can’t do everything.

#5. Commit to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of your craft. Be the go to person in your business. Be the one people think of when they think of your company. Be everywhere and learn everything.

#6. Get fit so you can serve more people. If you don’t eat right, drink right or sleep right, none of this list matters.

#7. Impact is a better measure of success than income. Think about this one. How will YOU be remembered? Shiny cars, up on stage, travel or really putting others first and helping people.

#8. A failure only becomes a failure if you let it become a failure. So many quit too soon. You can’t fail at this unless you stop. Challenges are ONLY to test you. Are you gonna let them win?

#9. Your job is to see the greatness in people who have yet to own the greatness within themselves. Make it your goal to get people to have an AHA moment every time they talk to you. Help them believe in themselves.

#10. Don’t wait to be inspired to start your dream. Start your dream to grow inspired. What are you waiting for?

#11. What the victim calls luck, the hero calls relentlessness. It is always funny to mean when people say, “You are so lucky.” Yeah um no, I worked my butt off. There was no lucky only 16 hour days LOL.

#12. Be polite. Be on time. Be optimistic. ALWAYS PERIOD!

#13. Make each fresh day of this new year a little better than yesterday. Daily optimizations will soon lead to exponential improvements.

#14. Make time to rest. Sleep is a secret weapon of true A-Players.  This one is my most difficult. We have to remember to SLEEP.

#15. To double your income, triple your investment in your professional education and on your personal development.

#16. Trust your instinct more than what society says is reasonable and possible. Always trust your gut. It’s never wrong.

#17. Go directly to where your fear lives because on the other side of that is where your power lies. On the others side, lies amazing milestones. GO FOR IT.

#18. Genius is less about genetics and more about obsessive amounts of practice. Watch You Tube videos, read books and then Practice Practice Practice.

#19. Never be too busy to be kind. It is easy to get annoyed when you are busy but remember, you never know what type of day someone is having and they may just need you.

#20. Remember that life’s just too short to play small with your potential. You are awesome. You are incredible. I believe in you.

Direct Sales Reboost

Let’s do a Direct Sales Reboost!

I have those down times too. In fact when I first started my Scentsy journey, I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere, mainly because I ran my business differently than everyone else.  My team always seemed upset that I was doing more than one business, I didn’t follow the tradition way and I just couldn’t get my groove going . It was a very hard first year to follow many of the 20 tasks on this list but it can be done. No matter what is going on in your life, I promise you if you attempt even half of these, you will feel 150% better. What you do today affects your life and your business 30 days from now. Are you going to determine where you are or are you going to let your challenges determine??? We got this.

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