Direct Sales Recruiting~Why You Need to Constantly Recruit

recruit-consultantsDirect Sales Recruiting

“Direct Sales Recruiting can be scary for some people. If you talk to those who have successfully built a Direct Sales business and who are at the “top” of the sales force ladder you will find that 99% of those sales consultants have very large downline teams. If that is where you aspire to be some day…you need to get “busy” now with building your own team and that means you need to recruit and to recruit heavily!

For those who are new to Direct Sales…direct sales recruiting is one of the most successful ways to reach the top of the sales force ladder within the company you are working with or for. This means you need to be adding newly recruited team members to your own Direct Sales team on a constant basis.

Over time you will find that members who join your team or your downline’s team will come and go (for whatever reason) so you need to be constantly recruiting and adding new members to your team on a consistent basis.

Direct Sales Recruiting-The Numbers

Direct Sales recruiting is usually all about the numbers. I once met a girl who had built her team up to 43 consultants + herself. She then took 6 months off from recruiting and at the end of those 6 months her team totally fell apart and she was left with 9 members standing. What did she do wrong? Well, she took 6 months off from recruiting and quit adding new members to her team! Like I previously stated…consultants come & go on the flip of a dime so you need to be constantly adding new members! Do not take long periods of time off from recruiting!

If you want to be at the top of the sales force ladder I recommend that you “try” to add a minimum of 3 new team members to your team each and every month! You need to train your newly added members to go out and recruit (and to constantly recruit) so that those branches of your downline tree to continue to grow as you work on growing the trunk of the tree (your immediate downline team).

If you set a goal of a minimum of 3 new recruits per month…after 12 months you will have a minimum of 36 recruits/team members. Let’s say that your downline team during that same period of time (one year) brings in another 12 team members to your team…you now have 48 members on your team within just 1 year. On the flip of the dime…you know that not all 48 of those members are going to stay for the long haul and let’s say during that 1 year period of time that 12 leave…you are now back to 36 and you lost the residual income of those 12…that is a BIG DENT in your sales commission.

Direct Sales Recruiting-Constantly Moving and Shaking

Direct Sales Recruiting is a very important part of your business, as you can see from my impromtu little speech…you need to be constantly recruiting and building your team to reach the top of the sales force ladder. As you climb that ladder you will be adding to your income stream…after all, most people are in Direct Sales to make money and to make as much money as they can. Recruiting is one of the biggest ways you can add to your income stream.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and do some recruiting!”

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