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Dime beauty reviews

I love love love long eyelashes but the cost, the pain of extensions and now my love for getting rid of toxins has led me to this company that I am sure you have seen in your Instagram feed.

I have officially been using almost all of their products for going on 7 months. I wanted to try everything out before I gave my honest feedback and I’m sold!

I get a lot of messages about which eyelash serum I love and where my journey has led me as far as skin care.

The serum I use is by a company called Dime Beauty and they are amazing! You can read all about them on their website but truly…..their serum (and their mascara!) are amazing & completely:

  • sulfate free
  • paraben free
  • phthalate free
  • cruelty free
Angi Fletcher Favorite Products
Serum + Mascara duo
Literally all the ingredients are a 1 on the EWG scale, and they also come in sustainable packaging!

You can buy the serum separately, or together as a duo with the mascara. I love the mascara wand. It’s thin and hits all of the lashes that you want. The serum wand works wonders as well. I put a very thin layer on my lashes after my nightly shower and I even put a bit on my brows as well.

I have recently started to apply the serum twice a day – once right before bed, and again in the morning after I wash my face.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rodan and Fields. I love love love Latisse, which I have used for years but I really do value all the products that I am switching to that are non toxic. And I lovvveeeeeee how much they cost. Like anything you have to put on the serum consistently as well as the skincare line. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories so you can see my thoughts on each product.

My eyes are very sensitive. I have felt a burn with other products and I’ve had zero issues with any irritation using these products because the ingredients are very natural.

Angi Fletcher Favorite Products
They gave me a discount code…and you can save even more – up to 40% off –
if you bundle the products.

All of their products are amazing and I really do love this eyelash serum! It’s completely non-toxic, there’s no chemicals, there’s not a bunch of horrible ingredients that are going to make your lashes grow 3 inches overnight, but it does make a significant improvement if you do it regularly and you won’t have to worry about your eyes changing colors or your vision going blurry either. The mascara is of course also toxic-free!

Let me know girlies, if you grab some. I have used Dime for 6 months now and recently got rid of almost everything else. You can find all of their products here, and use the code “Jilleysue20’“ for a discount!! If you choose to share your experience, be sure and tag me on Instagram @jilleysue.

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