How To Drive People to Your Website From Instagram

I make sure I know what is going on in the Social Media world at all times. New platforms, updates, where direct sellers should be but when it comes to my favorite, there is only one. I absolutely love Instagram. Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook is pretty does a lot of things for me when it comes to my business, but I don’t thoroughly enjoy it like I do Instagram.

Today, while I was planning out my calendar, well I should say my dry erase board. (Because we all know I am a full fledged #plannerdropout), I realized that I haven’t really shared any updated tips about Instagram and I have to be honest, Instagram and Instagram stories make me happy. They say to unplug before bed, but I am totally relaxed just scrolling the feed and watching all the quick Instagram stories as entertainment.

You guys, Instagram has gone from boring to GAME-CHANGER!  Check out where It is now. 

Follow Me and shoot me a DM! I love to chat over there with people who are reading my blog.

I decided to stop stressing myself out about Pinterest and You Tube and Snapchat and really BE on the platformed that I enjoyed the most: Instagram.

I was completely blown away by what happened. The needle started moving.

Even thought I wasn’t busting out edited videos or blogging every single week, my numbers started going up.

More followers. More visitors to my websites. More customers, more friendships and more $$$.

But most importantly? More time and I felt sane.

Here’s the deal. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers and I don’t move mountains in 6 hours because of a sponsored add.

But I am a real social media coach with a network marketing business, making real connections by being consistent, authentic and providing value.

This is the mark most direct sellers are missing. They still truly believe that the only gain for someone to buy from them is to push products and the opportunity all over Instagram. If you leverage Instagram the right way, this the the absolute opposite of what you have to d.

So today, let’s talk about how to drive new connections and current followers to your website from Instagram.

Use the real estate of the link in your bio
The is the BEST place for a link to your website, but absolutely NOT the replicated website that your company gives you.  The link should be used to drive people to a place where you can talk with them and build a relationship.  For the longest time, the bio link was the only one you could have, but now…..hooray, there are more.

The link in your bio needs to be used in a way that you can maximize it. If you have a blog, than ultimately you would want it to point to a landing page where you can collect email information. (After all, your email list IS your business. All the other platforms you are on are owned by some one and your mailing list is yours.) If you don’t have a landing page, then you can point the link to your most recent blog post, a account or a product page.

This link should be changed and updated frequently. Have it point to whatever is current or whatever you are working on currently. This is why or linktree are great because with an account, you can have multiple links.

A Call to Action is a Must
Having a link in your bio is not the only step. Be sure the bio link above the link tells your followers what to do. For example you could put, “Work with me, Join my Team, Click the link in my bio to see more. ” People need to be told what to do. When you give them instructions, they will click.

You don’t have to push your products or your opportunity here. In fact, I suggest you don’t. Make the link to a fun video or Facebook live where they can get to know you better. The key to this entire online process is getting people to places where they can learn to know, like and trust you.

Use Instagram Stories and IGTV and REELS!!!

Add a Link in the “LINK” Feature in Instagram Stories  or point links to your IGTV. IGTV is where you can add videos longer than 15 seconds. What a great place to provide value or show behind the scenes to your business.

You can add active links within your IG stories that encourages your viewers to “See More” by linking over to your website or blog or you tube channel.

This is a fantastic way to drive traffic to a new blog post, promo, or limited-time offer.

Don’t have access to this feature yet? Post about your post/promo/offer in your IG stories, but instead of telling everyone to “Swipe Up”, direct them to “Click the Link in My Bio” to learn more.

Send a Link Via Instagram Direct
Remember when I mentioned there’s now other places that you can have a clickable link within Instagram? THIS is one of them!

Instagram now supports active links within direct messenger … which means, you have the ability to drive traffic to a specific link that you send to another user directly.

Obviously, this isn’t a way to get massive traffic, but you can use it as a way to connect with other users on a 1-on-1 basis and send them direct links. And remember when you are using this tactic, don’t send people creepy, “buy my stuff messages”  to start he relationship. Links should be used when the time is right. You need to foster patience and make a connection with people first.

A Girl Boss Heck ya to driving more people to your website and other platforms. You could even send people to Instagram and encourage them to chat with you over there if you don’t have a blog set up yet.

Interested in learning more about how to use Instagram directly to drive your business?  Interested in working with me? When people join my team, I teach them all my secrets of how to run your own home based business using Social Media? Have a passion for home decor? Connect with me on Facebook and find out how you can start creating your own income from home with that passion.