Top Five Reasons to Join Scentsy

Scentsy, is always making their mark on the Direct Sales Industry and it is easy to see why. Our products are unique, fun and they sell themselves. In fact, with so many Scentsy products to choose from, it’s no wonder people want to hold a party every season. They want the new products and love to earn them for free.

Here are the top five reasons to join Scentsy:

  1. To have fun and make new friends – When you start building your Scentsy business, you will quickly realize that the best part of this business is the people you meet and the community you are apart of. You start with one event or one Facebook group or one order and it all just builds from there. From customers to team members to other Scentsy business owners, soon you will have more people in your court that you truly adore and are inspired by. It’s a great feeling and one I couldn’t imagine having in my life now. The people and the friendships have gotten me thru some of the most difficult times in my life. I love them with all my heart!
  2. Scentsy sells itself. For Real! People LOVE fragrance – When you show someone a Scentsy product for the first time, they will fall in love. Have them use it once and you will have a lifetime customer of course with you taking care of them every step of the way.  Whether it is one of our famous warmers or bars of wax, people love these products and will come to you time and time again especially if you spoil them with love….and happy mail.
  3. Money – Many choose to bring in extra money by starting a Scentsy business. Others do so to get a discount on products. Either way, you are benefiting. You will have extra moola in your pocket and save on your favorite products. It’s a win-win situation.
  4. Flexibility – Life is busy even when Scentsy is your only business. Many choose to join Scentsy so they can work around their family’s schedule. When you start this business, you decide when you are working and when you are off the clock. Whether it’s football season or cheer leading camp, if you need the time off, you get to decide. You are the boss when you run a Scentsy business. You get to decide your value. You get to choose your destiny. It’s all up to you.
  5. Minimal risk – The Scentsy starter kit costs only $99 plus shipping. When you see what is included in the Scentsy starter kit, you will be amazed at all the things they give the consultants to help them succeed.

And YES, a bonus reason….

6. Scentsy is always launching NEW PRODUCTS. Why not get paid on the products you are already using. Home Fragrance, cleaning, laundry, body, essential oils? I mean its a ladies paradise of goodies, TRULY!

Learn more about Scentsy today. It is just what you are looking for in many ways. Message me for my digital info packet and you can always connect with me on my Facebook or even better Instagram. I love chatting over there.