Joining Direct Sales – What Happens After You Join & Start Your Business

Joining direct sales and starting a new business can be a very exciting time in a person’s life especially if you know nothing about how to run your own business or could possibly not even like sales. When you choose the right sponsor and you choose an amazing company like , all of the training and steps to make your first 90 days productive have been put in place. Not only will your sponsor train you coach you, listen to you, be your friend and help you every step of the way but you have a company that actually cares about all of your accomplishments and what you are doing. If you are new to Direct Sales and new to anything that even remotely resembles something like my company,  then here are a few things you need to know before going any further.

 I am so Excited.

Joining direct sales,  excitement fills you before your kit comes. It’s normal and so much fun. A good sponsor will send you tons of goodies to read and point you in the direction of the corporate training area. You jump on the Facebook group pages, start asking questions. You can barely contain yourself. Then your kit comes and it still is sheer excitement. Joining your business was exactly the right decision, then the fear sets in. Fear of what you got yourself into, starting a business, doing all the things that go along with it. Don’t worry. It is completely normal. Joining Scentsy is a roller coaster ride of emotions and its OK. You will have plenty of support and help and team cheering leader. The key to not being scared is to ask questions, stay engaged and jump on training calls. After the first 90 days, everything will run like clockwork and joining your business will be a decision you will be more than thankful for for the rest of your life.

 But I am Not a Salesperson

You join your business and think, “but I don’t even like to sell.”  Well its good thing because we don’t want you to sell anything. We want you to love the product, be passionate about the products and the company’s mission and share it with everyone you know. You don’t have to sell it. You don’t have to push it on people. We want our consultants to be authentic, keep things simple and share the opportunity and product in any form of generosity that you can.

What am I apart of?

Joining a company you love, you are apart of something big. When I sponsor someone,  I will walk them through every step of the process of joining my company, training and becoming a Superstar. If you have any questions about the products, the business, what to do, what it is all about, please click the chat button on our website or gives us a call. We love chatting on Facebook so join us on our Facebook Page. There is never any pressure to buy, host or join. Scentsy is all about sharing and we would love to share it with you. Becoming your own boss can change your life. Make your dreams come true today.