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The Art of Letting Go

As a Direct Sales Leader supporting your team members is a requirement of your business. After all, you have chosen to be a “leader” and leading by example and assisting your down line is expected by the company and by those that choose to be on your team. But often there is a fine line that has to be drawn when a team member continually asks for things or things to be done for them.

There is a lot involved in working a direct sales business and for some people, shooting off an email or a phone call expecting the answers to every problem can be exhausting for you. As a leader it is your responsibility to help your downline, but at what point do you draw that line and help your team become reliant on their own?

It is a tough call to make as a Direct Sales Leader but one that is necessary for both their business and your own.  After all, they are in business to be successful and need to learn to stand on their own two feet too.  Letting go but still standing behind them is something that a leader needs to learn and you need to teach your team too.

 Here are 5 Reasons You Need to Let Go as a Direct Sales Leader

  1. Confidence Building – When team members figure out the solutions to their own business problems it builds confidence in them that they can handle anything that is thrown their way.
  1. Independence – You will not always be around to hand-hold so it is important to teach them how to solve problems, where to find information and how to run their business right from the get-go. Handing them everything on a silver platter instill dependency on you and not an independent business owner which is what they need to strive for.
  1. Time Management – When managing a team you need to manage your time wisely. If all of your members are dependent on you for information, guidance and problem-solving you won’t be able to effectively manage an entire team nor manage your own business tasks.
  1. Work Ethics – To make money and to run a successful business long term you need to put the time and work into it. That means being independent and figuring out the solutions and things that you need to do on your own. Those who work hard are more successful than those who free load off of management.
  1. Building a Strong Future Leader – Those who are not handed everything on a silver platter tend to be better leaders of their own teams and train/lead those teams in the manner that they were lead.

Thinking opposite is sometimes best as a Direct Sales Leader

Are you guilty of giving every answer to your team and being there 24/7?  At what point do you decide to let go?  Learning what is best and things to follow as a leader will create the strongest team possible. Now is the time to start pushing your little chickadees out of the coop so you can focus on your own business growth. Give it a try!

What are some things you do as an Direct Sales Leader to help your Consultants become more independent?

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