The #1 Mistake You Are Making on Social Media

I totally get it,  social media can be exhausting.

One minute, someone’s telling you, “Periscope gonna be HUGE!”, the next minute, someone else is telling you to drop everything and only focus on Facebook Live Videos, and the next minute, someone is telling you that Instagram stories and IGTV is where you should focus your time. Its’ crazy, especially for a new home based business owner who is still learning the ropes and trying to learn how to run a business.

It can be especially frustrating if you started this as a hobby, but you know you want it to be more and you know it looks like Social Media is the way.

And there are so many coaches and experts and gurus out there that all say something different.  Here is the truth.. they are all right.

Different platforms can be profitable for different people and depending on what you are good at, you may really like one over the other.

Over the last year, I have really focused on Instagram & Facebook. I was stressing myself out, trying to edit video, blog, snap, scope, and everything in between and not really being somewhere 150%.

Now don’t get me wrong, ultimately 2 of the best places to post content that are found are Pinterest and You Tube but in 2017, those places simply were not serving me. I had to be honest with the fact, that I just didn’t have time to blog 3 times a week or edit video twice a week. Pinterest would distract me and lower my performance and Twitter…well, I know I can’t compete with the bots.

So, I decided to figure out what I could do.  I followed my heart and really decided to put all of my energy into Instagram & use Facebook for training. I would commit to one video a month and one blog a week. THAT seemed so much more maintainable which slowed down my anxiety. I knew in my heart, contrary to what every one was saying, you DO NOT need to be everywhere. You need to be a few places really well.

When I did this, I didn’t lose followers. I gained more in the places I was actually spending more time. CRAZY? right?

I didn’t lose blog traffic and my You Tube following still grew because of my evergreen content. (Value that lasts forever)

My brain fog lifted. I was able to put a plan in place. Mondays didn’t seem daunting. I could focus and I gained TIME.

I started deleting my 4 Instagram accounts and cleaned up the one I wanted to focus on.

Now I am not here to tell you, Instagram should be the one platform you choose but I am here to say. PICK ONE! PICK ONE that you can do REALLY WELL!

The biggest mistake I see Direct Sellers making is trying to be on too many social media platforms at once and then really never being consistent on any.

Here is my advice. It will be much more beneficial to you to be AMAZING on one platform then barely showing up on them all.

So, tell me. What is your platform. Pick one today. Come share with me over on my Business Page. I’d Love to hear.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc, pick ONE and rock your socks off on it.

Once you’ve got down one platform, you can challenge yourself with another, but only when you know you can give 150% to both. Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed. One at a time & go from there.

You have a ton to offer. Let us here your value. Share with us things you can teach us based on your journey.