Night Routines of Successful Direct Sales Consultants

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Night Routines for Direct Sales

The most productive direct sales consultants have all lots of things they do in their daily routine which contribute to their success. They have a clear understanding that a plan needs to start their day as well as end their day. They also know they  need to keep their mind and body healthy. It has taken me a very long time to get my mind and business organized. I have a tendency of jumping from one task to another and we all know Social Media does not help, but productive night routines seem consistent with successful direct sales consultants, so let’s check out a few things that I know many are doing.

My 10 Night Routine Steps That Set Me Up For the Next Day

1. I write down my thoughts. I have tried a thousand planners in my career. Although I believe everyone needs some type of calendar, I find what helps me the most is keeping a notebook book open so that I can write down all of my thoughts, plans and ideas. I also like to write at the top of the page before any of these my current state of mind. What are my feelings or emotions? Am I anxious? frustrated? angry? happy? productive? I try to figure out what I am doing and what may have gotten right or wrong during the day. For a long time, I was getting very anxious. I found it to because I would like Facebook open and try to answer every single question that came in. Before I knew it, I didn’t have calls planned. I didn’t have blogs done. I simply stopped doing videos. This was frustrating me and because I wrote it all down, I was able to visually see my unproductive habits and find ways to change them. By writing things down, you are able to help yourself think more clearly and dominate negative thinking through out the day.

2. Read. Read everything you can get your hands on and make time. Yes your direct sales company will have lots of training for you, but you can learn unlimited tricks, tools and strategies from what others are talking about. Take 10-20 minutes every day before going to bed to learn from others. You will expand your thought process and motivate your team to build huge businesses by thinking outside of the box and sometimes outside of just company wide training.

3. Think about what you accomplished that day. Are you wasting time on meaningless tasks? Are you having unproductive conversations? Are there better ways of handling things that are time sucking your day? Are you achieving your goals? Are you setting yourself up for the next month and the next month? How have you positively contributed to you team today? your customers? your family? Track your progress and think about how you will make tomorrow different so you are constantly improving.

4. Make a plan for tomorrow morning. Every single night, I take a look at my running list and see what I didn’t accomplish. I take those tasks and move them to top priority tomorrow. Sometimes it is so easy to lose focus. Plan your schedule, your calls, your errands and get done first what you dread the most. You will feel lighter, happier and much more productive once you get the most dreaded tasks out of the way.  Remember for every minute you spend in planning, will save you 10 minutes in the final product.

5. They spend time outside. I moved into my new house for the soul purpose of the patio, the pool and the yard. I love being outside but it is very simple to sit at your desk every single day. My dogs love being outside and to see them happy and running around makes me a happy more productive person.  Go sit in your grass or on your deck. If you live in cold areas, take a 10 minute walk. Reflect on different things and focus on what you are blessed with. Empty your mind for 20 minutes and just enjoy the sound of the outdoors.

6. They shut down the tech. This is one of my most difficult tasks. I often suffer from lack of sleep and I am very dehydrated from not drinking enough water. Why? Because I never shut down. I had to come to the realization that I would do no one any good if my health wasn’t up to par. As you can imagine, my phone dings about 400 times a day. I had to finally put it on silent and be ok with getting to all the messages once I sat back down at my computer. Before I shut down my phone, I do post on my Instagram accounts simply because that is easiest when I finally get to my room. I then turn off my phone, turn the tv off and spend 5-10 minutes in the quiet. I again rest my brain and my body. When you do this, you truly increase you energy levels. Your body will relax and you will help to get that good nights sleep that you really need.

7. Tasks get accomplished. My main goal every day is to be productive. I want to use every trait that I have or that I have gained to the best of my abilities. I work hard and to be quite honest, I hustle. I don’t stop in the hours I am awake. I don’t take countless breaks and I don’t run meaningless errands if they can’t all be done together. We all have 24 hours in a day and no matter what task you are trying to accomplish you have to ask yourself, will this contribute in a positive way to my business and my dreams.

8. Family time. Don’t ever forget your family for this business. Yes we all joined as direct sales consultants to be able to spend more time with our families but as you know it takes some time to get where we want to be.  Spend time with your family or make calls to stay connected. Life can get crazy and I know you feel like there are always a million things to do but don’t miss out on these times. Time moves so fast. Have meaningful conversations with your loved ones. Call your grandmother, have your mom visit. Savor in the quality experiences now in case you lose the chance to have them.

9. Affirmations. Every night before I got to sleep. I repeat my affirmations and what I am thankful for. This can be super simple. Repeat in present tense what you want in your life and than repeat all the things that you have that you are blessed with. This helps me wake up happy and ready to start my day. This I have honestly done for 9 years and it has made vast improvements in my life and business.

10. Envision your future.  I always think about where my life will be and I always think about being super successful the very next day. This will help motivate you to make it happen because you have already seen it in your mind.

What will happen to a direct sales consultants life and business?

Follow these habits during your night routine and watch your productivity increase dramatically. Your business will be better. You will feel more connected and your entire life will feel like it is right where you want it to be. What habits do you have before bed? I would love to hear from all direct sales consultants. Be sure to let me know what you think of my night routine and what things I might be able to add to it.

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