Our Engagement Story

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Well that is what I thought it was on New Year’s Eve this past year and even as I write our engagement story that happened three months ago, I’m still in a bit of shock. On New Year’s Eve 12/31/21, Rob asked me to marry him at our home with all of our friends and of course I said, “Shut your face!” Yes! It’s true. I was in such shock that I didn’t even know what was happening and I thought it was a joke. Once I realized he was down on one knee and it was real, I quietly sobbed and said, “Ummmmm Yessssss.” That night we celebrated with our friends till well into the morning and finally shared the news online around 5:00 am. To everyone that has commented online or reached out – thank you for the well wishes!

I had pretty good feeling it would happen some day but I never in a million years thought it would happen at that moment. I had just gotten off a plane from Maine and plans got changed to have New Year’s Eve at our house. Its usually pretty low key with a few people so I didn’t really think too much about it. I’m the “planner” in our relationship, and normally I would stress about people at our house 12 hours after I got off a plane but again since this holiday was always pretty calm, I figured Rob could handle it. Clearly he had it handled.😛

As my Maine trip was coming to a close, the only thing I knew or vaguely thought about was a few people on New Year’s at my house. As Rob and I started texting while I was in the airport, he would randomly drop the ole, “Oh this person is coming.” I didn’t think much about it until I noticed that had happened, three, four, five times. Finally I said, “Wait how many people are coming?” He would continue trying to trick me and tell me that he had told me so and so was coming but that I had forgotten. Now again, I’m the planner, so I don’t forget anyone on an invite list but I was so tired so I just blew it off as I ran to my gates.

So here’s how it went down! I arrived home from Maine and like I normally do, I started freaking out about this small get together turning party. Cleaning the house, ordering food, decorations, getting ice, setting up the outside. All the things. Little did I know I was scurrying around for my own proposal party. Rob did great. As he saw I was frazzled, he would start delegating and handing my tasks over to friends that were attending. Oh did I forget to mention, EVERYONE coming was in on the surprise. Which really made the entire thing amazing!

Let’s back up. 12 hours before I got on a plane to Maine on December 23rd, two of our friends came over and gave me some random reasons why we had to move the party. I said sure without two thoughts, but….this was part of their evil plan, (not so evil but I can see them conspiring as I write this). I love you both, Joey & Dayle. Thank you for helping.

Rob knew that if I was in Maine for the week, it gave him the perfect chance to talk to everyone, hide my ring and make the plans. Working from home together, he knew that if he was on the phone, planning etc, that I would certainly figure things out. He was right. I am very aware of what is going on in our home and where things are etc. He decided to NOT tell my parents at all until I got back to Florida because he knew it would be impossible for Mom to keep it from me for an entire week while I was home. So on December 31st, while I was running around, at 3pm, he called my Mom and filled her in on his plan. I mean the sweetest right?

The party was to start at 7:30ish. Earlier in the day, I was complaining and mad that I had nothing to wear so he grabbed me and took me too the mall, had me pick out a white lace shirt (sneaky sneaky) and bought me new white Gucci ballet shoes as a Christmas gift. (OK that cheered me up LOL)

My best friend never mentioned coming at all until a few hours before the party. She basically said, Oh I think we are actually going to stop by for a bit. Wow, Ok Great I thought. They have two kids, so I know its hard to find sitters and all that. Still not suspecting anything at all. Next some of our family from Tampa and Port St. Lucie decided to come. I did say at one point, “Isn’t it weird that no one had anything to do tonight and drove all this way?” Again blowing it off. I was so tired from my flight, I don’t think I was working with full brain compacity.

People started arriving promptly. Like really promptly. I thought I was very organized and ready but I found myself running around, sweating and saw Rob sitting outside with friends very relaxed. I said, “Um can you help me?” with a very stern attitude thinking, Ah you planned this thing, I want to go to bed. HAHA. Little did I know my best friend was outside telling him, “Let her get mad, this will be great!”

Soon 9pm was upon us and Rob told me he decided to do his New Year’s Eve Thank you/speech early since people would probably have other places to go. Well that made sense to me. Before I knew it, everyone with out me asking them, were outside on my patio. This actually was strange to me, again since I am the planner, organizer, MC lol. But with my wine and phone in hand to take photos, I just kept on keeping on.

Rob began to thank everyone. His family, his friends, and his partner but the next thing I know he is including me. That is when I was didn’t know what was happening because his speech in my eyes is suppose to be from both of us. It was at that moment when he puts his hand in his side pocket and when I look up, all of our family have a huge smile on their face holding hidden cameras. As I looked over to Rob from looking at them…..

He is down on one knee. Yes pure and sucking in my breath SHOCK! Then “shut your face”, then TEARS and a YES!!

Here is the edited version of what happened. I will try to find the full version to add for you.

So what happened next? Well my knees buckled. I collapsed into his chest bawling and I put the ring on the wrong finger. LOL. I was simply so tired, so happy, so surprised that I didn’t even know what I was doing. I could hear cheers and yelling and clapping and I just was beyond words.

Rob and I have talked about our engagement for years. I always had told him, that he would never be able to surprise me. I honestly didn’t think he would be the type to do anything that would have me speechless. You see all the stories and what have you on Instagram, but our engagement was the most perfect moment, in our home with our puppies and our favorite people. Of course we missed our family and my mom in Maine but the fact that he called her and included her meant the world to me.

What was hilarious to me was the fact that whenever we have parties, I make sure to have my nails done but since I was so tired, I said screw it. Of course a nail had popped off the night I get engaged.

Rob worked with James Allen to design the most perfect ring. A classic round stone on a ultra thin pave band and diamond basket. He did amazing. I don’t wear a ton of jewelry so it was a bit of an adjustment but I love it. Its perfect and it took me days to stop starring at it.

Well, that’s our story! My brain feels so mushy as I reflect and write this even 3 months later, but I wanted to share our story & the special news. I still smile at how surprised I was and it might still take a few more months to wrap my head around the fact:

In terms of next steps with wedding planning, we decided pretty quickly we wanted to follow the advice of so many. 1. Enjoy the engagement 2. Enjoy the wedding planning process. So we decided to push things out 2 years. We decided on a date of 2/24/24 and we know it will be at the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This gives Rob and I time to live in the moment & take some time for ourselves before getting bogged down with planning. I just love him, and what we have together so much and I’m so happy my blog & Instagram has given me the privilege to share this moment with all of you too! I have decided to share the entire story & wedding process with all of you here and on Instagram in case anyone would like ideas or how I went about things. Yes links & all.

Thank you again from the bottom of both our hearts for all the sweet messages!!!