Periscope for Your Scentsy Business

What is Periscope?

Periscope is the newest Social Media platform and it is the perfect in the now social media platform that you should be using for your Scentsy business. You can stream live online and have anyone from all across the world engage with you via chat, hearts or sharing your content.  Chatters can ask questions, comment, give hearts or share with any or all their following.  People love video and they love to engage live even more. This is why this platform has grown to over 20 million users since March. It is the fastest growing platform around right now.

Getting onto Periscope is easy! You just download the Periscope app. You can set it up through your Twitter account or just on its own. (I downloaded the app on my phone, so the app was ready for me to interact. You can view the live feeds from your computer, but you can not interact from there at this point. You can only engage via your mobile device but you can watch on your computer and now you can even catch the recordings using Periscope.tv.

Once you have the Periscope app,  the next thing you will want to do is to FOLLOW people you want to see on Periscope. Most Periscopers use their Twitter “handle” or name. Of course, I am Jilleysue everywhere and Periscope is no different.

  • First, you would click on the little “people” icon on the bottom right.
  • If you are on Twitter, your Twitter follow list will appear and you can select people from there.
  • If you are looking for someone specifically, then click on the little “magnifying glass” icon on the top left. A search people option pops up. Just type in the person you are looking up.
  • My name (or the person you’re looking up) pops up and you just click the little icon to follow. You will see a “check mark” on next to the name, which means you are now following!

Periscope for Direct Sales

How will people know when I am Periscoping?

There’s a few ways:

  • Set up notifications on Periscope through your settings on your phone. You will get a whistle notification whenever anyone you follow is on Periscope.
  • Twitter automatically sends a link to the live Periscope to the Periscoper’s Twitter account. So, if you are really a good Twitter watcher, then you’ll see that link there. You will also see LIVE Periscopes now on your Twitter account. This is huge. If you have a Twitter folllowing at all and they see you go live, they are more apt to watch, therefore getting many many more following interested in your business in REAL TIME.
  • BEST WAY: Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Also on all of my fan pages. I usually always let my followers know when I will be on Periscope.

I missed the “Live” Periscope, now what?

Well, you have 24 hours to watch the replay of any “scope” you may have missed. You can even give hearts during the replay, you just can’t join in on the conversation. If you are member of my Scentsy fan page, I always put a link to watch my replays so that my VIPs never miss a beat. You can also sign up for Persicope.TV and all of your Periscopes will be listed there as well.

Why give hearts?

To show me (or other Periscopers) love!  The total heart count shows on your profile page of Periscope. The hearts tell the broadcaster that you love them, that you love the information that you are giving and just a general “thumbs up” or “fist bump”. How fun right?

How can I share with others about a “Live” Periscope?

Great questions!  It is AWESOME for Periscopers when you invite others to join the “scope.” You do this by clicking on the little “person” icon in the lower, right hand corner or by swiping right on your screen. Then you will see an option to “share” with either your followers on Periscope or your Twitter followers. Just tap on the screen to get back to the normal feed. If you accidentally exit the “scope,” it’s easy to just jump back in.

What do I Periscope about?

There are so many things to Periscope about when it comes to your Scentsy business. I would say stay away from marketing or selling but more about your experience in your business. Share your story, why you love Scentsy, tips to getting started, company announcements, ways to grow your team. There are tons of ways to use Periscope to connect with people and let them know why you truly love your business. Have you earned an Incentive trip, take people along by being on Periscope. Connect instead of sell and let people come along for the ride with you on your Scentsy Journey. It is all about Personal connection and not about the products you sell.