Proper Phone Etiquette in Direct Sales

Phone EtiquetteProper Phone Etiquette in Direct Sales

Working on the phone can be the most difficult portion of your home business to many people. Chit chatting with a friend is one thing, but pick up the phone for business and it is a whole new vocabulary.  Here are some tips to help you with proper phone communication skills that you can use in your direct sales business.

Proper Phone Etiquette in Direct Sales-5 Tips to Follow

 1. Appropriate Communication Times:

It is important that you make your phone calls at a decent time of day. A good rule of thumb is to call customers and hosts from 9 am to 9 pm. If you need to call outside of those hours, you should have that person’s permission to do so. It is best to keep your calls to Monday through Friday. Sunday evenings work great too for those that don’t mind.

Always ask when the phone is answered if this is a good time to call. If it is not, get a time when they will be available to talk.

2. No Distractions:

It is important that when you make business calls that you give your customers your undivided attention. This means you should not have a lot of noise or screaming kids in the background. If your kids are home, give them something to do quietly or make your phone calls during their nap times.

 3. Appropriate Wording:

When speaking to customers by phone it is very important that you use proper wording and remain a professional at all times. You should never use foul language or slang terms. Also when describing your products, make sure you are using layman’s terms and not terminology that your company may use.

 4. No Eating or Drinking:

When speaking to your customers it is important that you avoid eating or drinking while speaking to them as they can hear you chewing or swallowing.

 5. Be Prepared:

Before picking up the phone to call a customer you should know what you are going to say ahead of time and keep your catalogs and paperwork within reach in case you need to refer to them. Customers should not be placed on hold unless it is absolutely necessary for you to get something. Many find that a script sheet will help them stay on track and focused on the topic at hand. You can use one as a guide; don’t read from it verbatim.

Phone Etiquette in Direct Sales is key. Using these simple tips will help you have a meaningful conversation with your customer and client. Being able to talk with your customer on the phone is an important part of a direct sales business. Practice with a relative or friend until you feel comfortable. It will help your business grow.