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Pinterest Tips that will help everyone understand what Pinterest is.

Q: What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard just like our old fashion corkboards. It allows users to create pinboards by ‘pinning’ pictures or video that they find Interesting. How Simple is that? You ‘pin’ pictures (or video), and organize your items into digital pinboards. People follow you, and ‘repin’ what they see to their boards. It’s an online version of a craft room concept. And it’s becoming insanely popular.

Q: So why is this site so popular?

For all those visual people out there and even some that are not, Pinterest is becoming a happy place for many. We all like to see beautiful items. We have become annoyed with the internet and all its mumbo jumbo of garbage. Very rarely, we stumble upon a picture we like and when we do we are intrigued to see what the picture is all about. Viola and the Pinterest Concept is born.  Facebook was great for Pictures but soon it was lost in your feed and just vanished from everyone’s mind.  Pinterest solves that problem with a simple to use interface & tool kit.

Q: This idea sort of sounds familiar, is it really a new?

There are tons of Photo Sharing Sites but Pinterest is different. The photos are high quality and you can click on the link and be led to exactly what you are looking for with a wealth of information.

Q: Why is Google image search so bad, and Pinterest so good?

Google Images is un-curated. Curators only include images that are spectacular. Pinterest was designed to be an online tool for visually astute curators. We can all benefit from their eye for perfection. And from Pinterests visual search functionality.

Q: Is there a marketing opportunity in the use of Pinterest?

Oh Yeah. Pinterest is generating more traffic already that quite a few other social media sites that have been around a few years. I predict that Pinterest is going to blow up as more and more content is created. It could quite possibly surpass You Tube.

Q. What do I pin?

Pin smart and strategically when marketing your business. You need to pin things that are interesting and make them different if other people have the ability to get a hold of the same pictures. Think out of the box. Make sure you describe the picture well with content that will make people want to dive further into the picture.    Be engaging and have great content. Do not leave boards empty. People will follow you and look forward to what you have pinned each day.