Potential Wedding Venue Questions

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The Most Important Questions Every Bride Should Ask a Prospective Wedding Location

When we got engaged on New Year’s Even 2021, Rob immediately looked at me and put up two fingers. He was so happy that I was excited but his one request was a 2 year engagement. He said 2/24/24. At first, I felt so sad because it felt so far away but it by far was one of the best decisions we ever made. The one thing I said was that we needed to find a venue and booked it as soon as possible if that was the date we were firm on. Special dates at locations are always scooped up fast so I knew we had to do that above anything else and then we could relax.

Choosing the perfect spot for your wedding day is probably the biggest decision you will have to make. It sets the tone for the vibe and feel of the entire day and weekend. We made a few decisions pretty quickly. We knew we wanted to be close to home, near the beach, a resort style location and a full wedding weekend event. Now it was just a matter of finding the venue that made it their priority to create that event for happy couples. I knew I had to get a list together of the most important questions to make sure everything was covered. I will be honest, I had a million questions but before I even started looking at venues I booked my wedding planner who was very familiar with my top 6 places I was looking at, so that helped a lot but I have put together a list of the top queries every bride needs to get answered by a potential wedding location to assist in making you sure you choose your dream location.

What available dates are there?
It’s important to be aware of the venue’s availability because it affects whether your ideal wedding date is doable. Ask them whether they are available during the time of year you want to get married, and if not, look into alternate options. You can use the answer to this question to guide your wedding timeline planning. Our wedding date was non negotiable for me but because we were so far out, a ton of places wouldn’t even answer me. Weirdly my number one choice emailed me and said, “this never happens but a convention is booked on Friday so if you want to location on Saturday the 24th, it’s yours.” I didn’t hesitate and we immediately made an appointment the following week.

How many visitors can the location hold?
To guarantee that all of your loved ones can celebrate with you, it is essential to understand the venue’s capacity. Find out how many guests the location can accommodate for the ceremony and the reception. It’s crucial to take into account not just the number of seated guests but also the area needed for dancing, entertainment, and any other installations you have in mind.

What does the renting package include?
It’s imperative to be clear what is included in the venue’s rental package to prevent any unpleasant surprises. Inquire about any extra conveniences they offer, such as lighting, sound systems, linens, tables, and seats. Ask about the setup and disassembly procedures as well to make sure everything goes as planned on your wedding day.

Exist any guidelines or limitations?
Various venues could have particular rules or regulations that must be obeyed. Find out whether there are any restrictions on lighting, music, open flames, or outside sellers. Knowing these specifics will enable you to make the necessary preparations and guarantee that the wedding venue can accommodate your vision.

Do you have a preferred vendor list or on-site catering services?
Any celebration of a wedding must include food. Find out if the location has a preferred vendor list or offers in-house catering services. If they do, enquire about the menu choices, food samples, and whether they can satisfy particular dietary requirements. If not, find out if there are any limitations on using outside caterers and the procedure involved.

What is your stance on drinking?
It’s crucial to be aware of the venue’s alcohol policies if you intend to offer alcohol during your wedding. Find out if they allow outside alcohol, if they have a liquor license, and if they offer bartenders. Ask if there are any limitations on the types of alcohol that are allowed as well as if they have any package alternatives.

Are there bridal suites or changing rooms available?
On your wedding day, convenience and comfort are crucial for you and your bridal party. Find out whether the location offers bridal suites or changing rooms so you can get ready and unwind before the ceremony. Ask about the comforts offered in these areas, such as sitting, mirrors, and bathrooms.

Is there a back up plan if the weather isn’t cooperating?
Mother Nature is erratic, so it’s important to have a fallback plan in case of bad weather. Inquire at the location about their backup plans for indoor weddings or choices for outdoor tenting. Make sure you are at ease with the alternatives they provide.

What are the cancellation and payment terms?
Wedding planning involves money in a big way. Inquire about the venue’s payment policies, such as the deposit amount, the payment deadlines, and whether payment plans are available. Additionally, make sure you grasp their cancellation policy in case there are any unanticipated circumstances.

Can I see the location when a wedding is being planned?
Ask if it’s feasible to see the location while it’s being set up for another event so you can genuinely picture your wedding day there. This chance enables you to visualize the day’s flow, observe the space in use.

In our case, we knew we wanted everything to happen in one spot, on the beach with a resort feel and we knew we wanted to hire a venue who knows everything about how to have a successful wedding. Our wedding is at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It has been one of my favorite weekend get away locations since I moved to South Florida. It is very important to us to have our guests feel like they are on vacation and we just happened to be getting married so this is, in our eyes the PERFECT location.