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My Experience with the Fasting Mimicking Diet


So many of you have followed along on my Instagram stories and asked about more details about the Prolon FMD mimicking fast that I have started doing and specifically how I felt during and fast.

The Prolon fasting protocol follows FMD and lays everything out for you in a super convenient way – you receive a box with 5 days of nutrition and hydration, along with a plan to follow. It couldn’t be any easier, and it is a great option because you’re getting the benefits of going thru an entire fast, without having the discomfort that sometimes comes with fasting. This is a lifestyle reset, like Marie Kondo-ing your body so you can start from a clean slate. There are so many incredible benefits to fasting!

FMD stands for fasting mimicking diet. It basically tricks your body into thinking you are completing a fast but with specific calories. This program was created by Dr. Valter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at USC and also the author of The Longevity Diet. Dr. Longo conducted years of scientific research on the benefits of fasting. So the hype is true, fasting can reset your system and has a multitude of other benefits. He found that certain nutrients, specifically formulated and in exact quantities can make the body believe it is in a fasting state. He then developed this five day plan so that people could benefit from fasting but with out feeling hungry or the negative side effects. This program gives the body a stem cell based rejuvenation of a true five day fast while being able to eat at the same time.

ProlonFMD focuses on cellular renewal by triggering “stem cell-based regeneration and autophagy (a big word meaning the clean up on aisle 6 of aging and damaged cells)” which promotes cell based renewal. What I love about his fast is that when you consume limited calories, the ingredients in the program target stubborn vascular fast surrounding your organs while protecting your lean body mass. I lost 6lbs during the first round but that truly wasn’t my goal. I wanted to reset everything and get thing moving. Many people who have completed the program say that they definitely slimmed down in the stomach area, which of course is a plus. Most experience better focus (which was a high priority for me) and a metabolic boost plus many other additional benefits. You can read more about Prolon here on their site. They explain things much better than I can, but I mainly wanted to talk about my specific experience on the first round.

So, how did I feel during the 5 days?

This is the god’s honest truth. I love stuff like this. I was excited to get the box and honestly, you don’t know what you don’t know, so I wasn’t dreading the five days at all. I had done months of research and read so many reviews, my mind was in the right place and I was ready to go. The instructions are easy and everything comes in it’s numbered boxes. What I loved the most is that they don’t overwhelmed you with a ton of paperwork, coupons, booklets etc. Sugar and caffeine have been cut from my diet for months, so I wasn’t worried about withdrawals either. Day One is your transitioning day and puts your body into a fasting state so that it can start the preparation for cellular clean up.  Day 1 is the most amount of food. You get two packakged soups, the Prolon L bars, Kale crackers (which are delicious) and olives. (approximately 1100 calories). I thought everything was yummy and I wasn’t hungry at all.

On day two, I actually looked forward to the food. I stopped eating the night before at 8pm and fasted until 12:30pm the next day. I had a slight headache but I knew I hadn’t drank enough water like I should. I felt absolutely fine. Not hungry. Not dying on the inside wanting to eat my arm off. The food was very similar to Day 1. I had soups, bars etc and on day two you start their “L-Drink” which provides energy and nutritional support. I sipped it along with a ton of water and tea throughout the day. Day two is when the body switches to fat burning and autophagy begins. Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells.

Day three was the most challenging and it is also the day with the least amount of food. challenging and also the day with the least amount of food. I missed the olives ALOT. There is only one L bar on day 3, so the key is to drink a TON of water and to stay busy. I was very very tired on Day 3. The Kale Crackers were savored with every bit for real. They tasted sooooo good. Today the body goes into cellular recycling and ketosis.

Day 4. I wasn’t really hungry. I just felt like I was on the home stretch. I did plan out when I would eat the soups and olives and it helps a lot to not start eating until after 12:30 and end by 8. It feels like you have more food in a short amount of time. I still had very low energy on day 4 but did my two walks a day. Knowing there was only one day left kept me on track but despite the low energy, I was really enjoying the fast.  Autophagy continues and stem cell-based regeneration ramps up on this day.

There is nothing like feeling like it’s a PARTY DAY on day five. This by far was the easiest day and I wasn’t hungry at all. I just kept saying in my head, “I can do hard things.” I truly felt great.  Stem cell-based regeneration continues to enhance cellular renewal and the body.

Day six is the transition day and it’s recommended to eat light starting with liquids or soups. I have to say I really enjoy soups. It’s amazing how they fill me up. So I decided on Kettle and fires’s soups and I sipped on bone brother for most of the day. I wasn’t hungry at all, but they definitely suggest eating on Day 6 . I felt great with energy, a small appetite and a clear mind.  Stem cell-based rejuvenation continues for up to 5 days once the FMD is completed return to a regular healthy meal plan.

A week later, I felt amazing and knew already I would purchase Round 2 for April. I’m still following a very clean Keto diet to keep my blood sugar in check but I am also reading. Dr. Longo’s Longevity Diet. I’ve just completed ROUND 2 of Prolon since writing this blog and will follow it up on my Round 2 experience. I will finish things off with Round 3 in May then use it as a metabolic maintenance program quarterly.

Things I’d suggest if you do the FMD:

  1. Ween off caffeine several days before the start
  2. Clear your social calendar for 5-6 days
  3. I highly recommend doing this Monday though Friday or when your schedule keeps you busy.
  4. Keep a light workload and count on down time
  5. Have something ready to eat for transition day 6
  6. No strenuous exercise

Stay tuned for my other Prolon blog posts and definitely follow my journey on Instagram. Feel free to DM me with questions or get information I can send you to get started. I also have a discount code: “Jilleysue” if you want to get going and save some $$$. I can’t say enough about this fast. It’s tough, real tough but the results make it worth it. Get more details on the Prolon site here. 

The information and opinions expressed are my own. I am not a healthcare professional and you should always consult your physician, doctor, or healthcare provider before beginning any weight loss, nutrition or exercise program.