Should Direct Sales Consultants Eat at a Home Party?

Food at a Home PartyShould Direct Sales Consultants Eat at a Home Party?

The question often comes up as to whether or not a Consultant should join in on the goodies when having a home party. We have to remember that this is our business and as much as we’d like to join in on the fun, we are not the guest, we are the professional conducting the party for the guests. We need to make it about them and hosts and not about us.

Some tips when this issue comes up:

Politely decline – Thank the hostess for the offer but decline. You can combine this with stating that you had eaten before hand and that you are not hungry. This is what I tend to do myself.Eat before going – This way you are full and do not feel the urge to snack

Just have a nibble – Another suggestion is to stick to the healthier items that are available, if there are any.

Bring a Snack – Someone suggested that you could bring your own snack to eat while the others are having something. This way you are guaranteed to have something that is better for you. at my Scentsy home parties,  I eat clean so I take my cooler with me every where. In it, I have veggies or protein bars just to snack on so that I don’t go too long without eating during a show.

Do you have refreshments when you are doing an in home party? If not, how do you handle it when the hostess invites you to help yourself?