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How to Keep Your Social Media Followers Coming Back for more?

Keeping your Social Media followers coming back is the KEY to your online business. You will never build a good online presence if visitors are stopping by once and never returning. Consultants that are “getting it” are  keep people coming back by generating great content that gets tons of likes, shares and comments by fans. They are well branded, they are consistent, they have a message and they never let up.

That is the secret sauces. It needs to come together on every platform. Your look, your message, your story, your personality.

You need to think of your main content area such as your blog, your Facebook page or your You Tube channel as your central hub or the command station. These places are where you are going to share your content and drive people back to you. Why? Because after a while they will recognize that YOU are providing great content.

I often draw a diagram for people. In that diagram I place your website in the middle and then I draw all the social media platforms around the outside. There are lines that go from the command center to all the social media platforms and then an arrow running in a clockwise motion. What this signifies is that you must have all of the pieces running like a wheel in order for you to establish a well run market plan and online presence. Your website must create content the keeps people wondering what the next piece you are going to post it. They must consider YOUR information priceless information that people should charge for to the point where they will share it with other designers or potential designers. In all honesty, it is not enough to have a Facebook Fan page without doing some sort of advertising, especially if you are lost when it comes to providing great content.

Valuable content can be described as anything your target market will find valuable. That can be tips, tricks, quotes, entertainment, how to’s etc. Are you only posting what your customers should buy or why they should join your team on your pages? Well guess what? They won’t be returning to any page if that is the only thing they can expect from you.


6 Ways to Keep Your Social Media fresh in their mind

Below are 6 ways that can be pretty important to keep your fans and followers coming back to your Direct Sales Social Media pages. You must show consistency and you must be considered the “go to” person for your Direct Sales business in your community. If you are randomly showing up on your platforms, well your fans and followers will randomly show up as well. You fans will mirror what you do. Show up once a week, well they will will do.

1. Be very aware of who is following. Sounds crazy but its true. Engagement is engagement. The more engagement you get on your page means the more people that will see that page. Are potential consultants following you? Then post content that they would find interesting. Are current consultants following you? That’s OK too. Post content that consultants would find help. Remember engagement IS engagement. Facebook and other platforms only know the stats. There is no special algorithm that that determines if a designer or a non consultant is “liking” your page. Facebook only knows that you are getting activity and when they see activity, they show your page to more people.

  • Figure out what your fans are looking for. What would they find most useful?
  • What questions is your team asking you? How can you help answer those questions?
  • Take a look at all your past content. What is getting the most engagement? Video? Photos? Texts?
  • When are your followers most active on your pages and what platforms get the most activity?
  • Direct sales isn’t easy because most of the time 150,000 consultants are all sharing the same graphic or news. Think out of the box. Create your own graphics. Share your own content. One of kind stuff that they can’t get anywhere else is what they are most likely to share.

2. Use Visual Content on your pages

Our target marketing loves anything visual so I can’t say this enough. Photos and VIDEO!!! Share that video right within Facebook. The numbers are staggering and in 2018, my fans were more apt to stay on Facebook and watch my videos right within Facebook than click over to YouTube.  Figure out what your followers like and prefer. A good online marketer pays attention to what is doing well. If visual is what is working, spend your time on visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube.

Social Media Followers

3. Follow and Befriend the people that are doing it well.

We all don’t know everything so it is huge Klout points to have a circle of friends that you can keep learning from. Reach out to the top people in your Direct Sales Business. Build relationships. This can highly improve your credibility. Figure out who are the who to know in Direct Sales. Follow everything they do. Go for the no and ask if they will mentor you. You never know who will reach back and say yes.

4. Get Personal.

Time and time again, I see business pages doing the same things wrong. One, they barely show up on their page. Two, they show up but the posts are nothing but their business or three,  the posts actually are descent the you, the owner NEVER engaged at all.   Get personal with your social media followers. Talk to people. Call people by their first name. Let them know you care and you appreciate them stopping by. Show behind the scenes pictures of you at at a party or picture of you cuddling with your pet. Ask for your communities their opinion. People love to give their opinion and definitely insert emoticons to show your emotions. We already can’t rely on body language or facial expressions so use the digital tools we are given to show people what we are feeling.

5. Think out of the box

You have got to be different. So many times I see consultants just copying thoughts or ideas from other consultants. Sometimes I see people only post the same exact posts that 150,000 other consultants are posting. You  have got to shake things up. You have got to stand out and come up with your own ideas. Yes we have the Scentsy or Direct Sales sisterhood but you also need to make it top priority to be different than others so that people keep coming back to you.  You need to be memorable and when people see you make sure their comment is “Oh I have been on your pages.” Make people feel like they know you and that they are a part of your life. Make your Social Media followers feel like they have been in your home and have dealt with you face to face even if they have not.

6. Be Real

The most important piece of all of this is to be true to you and to show your true self. Many days I will get messages or get tagged in posts with dachshunds, pink jeeps, shoes or makeup. That is because I make it pretty clear through my online marketing that those are my favorite things. If you try to active like someone you are not, people can see right through that. Be true to your values and take the time to help your community trust you. Once that happens, everything seems to fall in place and you will start to see more and more of your followers revisiting your Scentsy Social Media platforms.

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