Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Direct Sales Business

Social Media Direct SalesSocial Media Marketing Plan For Your Direct Sales Business

If you want to enter the big scary world of Social Media for your direct sales business, and I believe you should. You MUST have a plan. If you do not have a plan, you will end up overwhelmed, frustrated and quite honestly, you will fail.

Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Direct Sales Business-Goals

You must have simple, clear goals. Without these you can watch days go by and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. A social media marketing plan for your direct sales business can honestly set you apart from the rest. It needs to be or have 3 things.

1. Clear Goals

2. It must be easy to implement

3. It must have measurable results.

Each month, I set 5 Social Media Goals. Usually that is my maximum and sometimes I lower it to three depending on the difficulty level. Some sample goals I have had in the past have consisted of:

1. I want to generate 50 new customers

2. I want learn and master such and such social media platform.

The problem with the goals listed above is they are vague and unclear. There is no time frame that states when I will achieve this goal. It is also not clear whether I want 50 new clients in a month? in a year?

Clear, measurable goals need to look like this:

1. I want to generate 50 new Scentsy Customers in the next 30 days.

Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Direct Sales Business-Focus

You must focus when you embark on social media. It is very simple to let your brain go in 50 million directions. There is much out there in regards to social media that if you do not keep your goals right in front of you and how you plan to get there, you will be off on a completely different tangent very quickly.

1. Focus on the goals you have set.

2. Focus on which marketing avenues that will be the most productive for your business.

3. Focus on your area of expertise. Don’t try to be a guru of all things.

Keep it simple and drill down. FOCUS!

Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Direct Sales Business-Your Target Audience.

Some of the best results we achieved for our customers when we managed to target the best audience for their businesses.

The more your dig down to target your audience the more success you will achieve. How can you do this?

Ask your self, who will be your ideal customers and jot down following things about them:

  • Profession (Stay at home moms, boutique owners, Pet shops, restaurants)
  • Average Age
  • Gender (Male / Female percentage)
  • Income levels
  • Hobbies etc
More specific you will be, the more you can target the exact audience for your product or services.
Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Direct Sales Business-What will sell your product?

People do not buy products, people buy solutions to their problems. You MUST remember this when trying to figure out who will want your product and why. Sit back and ask yourself, what problem will YOUR product or business solve for a customer. You must let people know this exact message and make it very clear when you start to market it. If you fail to focus on this, all your marketing efforts will be wasted.

Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Direct Sales Business-Call to Action

This is why you are doing all the hard work i.e. you want people to read your marketing message and take action. You want people to remember you, your product or your service. You need to stand out.

Action could be:

  • Pick up the phone and ring your office
  • E-mail you
  • Go to your website and buy your product

Could be any other action you want them to take but the key here is to provide them simple and clear call to action. They must know what you want them to do and it must be simple. We are living in a tense society and people do not have long attention time. Therefore keeping really simple and straight forward is important. It must be fast and straight to the point.

You must persuade people to take action. If you followed everything about and you email started getting blasted with customer questions, it will be amazing. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? In a perfect marketing strategy, that is exactly what should happen, but most of the time, you need to do a bit more work to win the numbers game and get as many people as you can to take action.

In order to do that you must always give more than you are taking. People want to build relationships, they do not want a constant sales pitch. You may truly believe you have the best products or business around but people want to purchase from those they trust. It is proven time and time again that if you are constantly in sales mode, people tend to not trust the person.

You can offer things like a meeting to discuss the business opportunity,  a discount, a bonus, limited time offers to your private email list, a free guide or report etc.

Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Direct Sales Business-Social Media and Marketing Platforms.

The list of social media platforms is huge. I always tell my entire team to focus on just a couple and master them, then increase as you go. You can start off with a blog, facebook and twitter. It truly depends on how much time and money you have but I do believe in QUALITY INSTEAD OF QUANTITY. It is better to not have a platform than to have one with no content.

Your blog should be your command center. Use Facebook and Twitter to drive your traffic to your blog. These platforms will certainly drive traffic but you must be consistent every day.  The success of you marketing efforts are completely based on your plan and how well you execute it.

Other suggestions to drive traffic to your blog include: SEO, Videos, Paid Marketing and Article Marketing. There are tons of ways, but again I would start small and take one thing at a time.

Social Media is all about sharing. You Social Media Marketing plan for your Direct Sales Business needs to be about spending time with your customers, investing in them. Sharing takes place through engaging content with things like tips, tidbits, articles, quotes, pictures, videos, etc.  Share things such as how to’s, industry news, interviews, your favorite things and anything else that would be of interest to your audience. Social Media is no different than socializing in person. Try to be helpful when creating your content. Be the “go to” person in your field instead of constantly selling, when you do this, your business will flourish automatically. Don’t be afraid to share other people’s content as well.

Sample Social Media Content Implementation Plan for your Direct Sales Business

Here is a simple plan that you should be working on:

  • 2 Blog posts minimum per week
  • 5 Tweets daily
  • 3 to 5 Facebook status updates
  • 5 Forum question replies daily

Measure Success

For me marketing isn’t 2+2 = 4, you have to be consistent and stay on top of it and then you can measure your results. You can’t post 3 times on Monday and expect 5 new customers on Friday. It is about building relationships. If you want to achieve 100 new customers yearly, you need to break it down by months. What do you have to do monthly to hit your goal?

Marketing success = find and test new ways > measure results > drop those are not working and increase your efforts on what is producing results.

A successful social media marketing plan for your direct sales business depends on these 3 things. Have a plan, execute it and measure it.  I would love to hear your plans and what is working for you. Please comment below.